Naturally Homegrown Foods

Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd. (Naturally Homegrown) is a producer of premium handcrafted-style chips that were called “the best gourmet chip in Canada” in a blind taste test led by the National Post in 2005.

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The company exports a line of zesty and crunchy chips under the brand Hardbite, made with potatoes and root vegetables. These chips are cooked in small batches to ensure quality and are available dressed in a variety of natural, aromatic seasonings, including: sweet onion; ketchup; sea salt & pepper; jalapeño; wild onion & yogurt; and smokin’ BBQ. Additionally, they also create a line of root vegetable chips, including eat your parsnips (lightly salted parsnip chips), 18 carrot gold (lightly salted carrot chips) and drop’n mad beets (lightly salted beet chips). All products are all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, with no trans fats or cholesterol. Products safety is ensured through Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification.

Naturally Homegrown’s quest for the perfect chip started in 2001 in Maple Ridge with a single fryer. The majority owners are Pete Schouten and Wes Heppell of the Heppell’s Potato Corporation that has been growing potatoes in the Fraser Valley since 1920. Naturally Homegrown operates B.C.’s only potato chip manufacturing plant. To reflect their commitment to the environment, Naturally Homegrown has worked with Fraser Valley Biogas to capture biogas from their waste and close the loop in a sustainable way, to produce renewable natural gas.