Naturally Homegrown Foods

Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd. is a Surrey, B.C. based premium snack food company that produces small batch handcrafted-style potato and root vegetable chips under the Hardbite brand name.

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The company offers a range of small batch handcrafted-style chips made with potatoes and root vegetables for export. Along with the recent addition of chips cooked in avocado oil to their ever-expanding product line-up, these chips are cooked in small batches to ensure quality and are non-GMO, gluten-free, with no trans fats or cholesterol. Products safety is ensured through Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification.

Naturally Homegrown Foods started handcrafting all-natural chips without any artificial flavours or preservatives since 2001 in British Columbia. They experimented with cooking chips just enough to create a satisfying crunch and then went the extra mile to get the taste and flavour profiles just right. The company chooses only the highest quality potatoes from local farmers, with the goal of creating the best natural chips that they possibly could at every stage. The company also boasts a consistently growing product line-up driven by their quest for seeking out new interesting flavour combinations and passion for quality. Their ‘all natural’ approach to creating chips is adored by many customers inspired by nature and with a passion for exploring.

Naturally Homegrown Foods products ready for export include Classic: All Natural, Smokin' BBQ, Rock Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno, Wild Onion & Yogurt, Avocado & Lime, Sea Salt & Pepper, Ketchup, Sweet Onion. Root Vegetable: Eat Your Parsnips (lightly salted parsnip chips), 18 Carrot Gold (lightly salted carrot chips) and Drop’n Mad Beets (lightly salted beet chips) and Sweet Spud of Mine (lightly salted sweet potato chips). Avocado Oil: Sweet Ghost Pepper, Honey Dijon, Black Sea Salt.