Big Mountain Foods

Big Mountain Foods (Big Mountain) create innovative, vegetarian whole food products for health-conscious consumers.

Big Mountain Foods image 2017

The company has just begun offering three key products for export: their original veggie patty, made from vegetables and chia seeds, with no preservatives or fillers, and contains 11 grams of protein; their Santa Fe cheesy patty, similar to their original veggie patty, but with additional spices and the delicious taste of cheese; and their veggie grounds caulicrumble, simulating the taste and texture of ground beef using a variety of superfoods, with 14 grams of protein and high fibre content. All products are both soy and gluten free, low in sodium, oven baked, have no cholesterol, use organic ingredients, and are certified kosher and vegan.

Established in Vancouver in 1987, Big Mountain is a family-owned and operated business. The company was founded by Kimberly Chamberland, who grew up in a vegetarian household and wanted to provide tasty, wholesome and sustainable options for other vegetarians like herself.

Big Mountain maintains its commitment to sustainability by participating in recycling and organic waste collection programs, and gives back to the community through their work with Quest Food Exchange.