Patisserie Lebeau

Patisserie Lebeau is a family-owned business that creates all-natural Belgian speciality pastries.

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While the company produces many Belgian pastries and viennoiseries for sale at their Vancouver patisserie, they are readying their line of liege waffles for export, which are available in flavours including original (vanilla), apples & cinnamon, and chocolate chip. The liege waffle originates from the Belgian City of Liege, near the Dutch and German border, and is made from a brioche dough (milk, yeast, butter, eggs, vanilla) that must rise before baking. In order to obtain the sugar crunch and caramelized coating, pearl sugar is added to the dough.

These waffles are available frozen, individually packed, fully baked and ready-to-eat. This unique, high-quality product is designed for hotels, resorts, catering, restaurants and institutions. Product safety is ensured by adhering to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Good Manufacturing Practices, which includes tracking sourced ingredients and shipped products.

Patisserie Lebeau was established in 1995 in Vancouver, by Olivier and Penny Lebeau. Olivier was raised in Belgium, and after completing the Boulanger Patissier program, he worked at the famous Patisserie Fransoo in Uccle, Brussels. After many successful years of selling pastries through their local shop, Patisserie Lebeau began manufacturing for grocery stores and food services. The company lowers their carbon footprint by reducing power consumption using various innovative industrial technologies. Patisserie Lebeau is an official sponsor of the B.C. Ride to Conquer Cancer since 2009 and supports various community events related to fitness.