Ross Chocolates

Ross Chocolates produce some of the best “no sugar added” chocolate bars in the world.

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Having recently begun exporting, the company uses fine chocolate imported from Belgium to create their bars, which are available in a variety of flavours, including: milk chocolate; milk chocolate coconut; milk chocolate mint; milk chocolate almond; milk chocolate raspberry; white chocolate; dark chocolate; dark chocolate almond; and dark chocolate orange.

All products are low-carb, gluten-free, non-GMO certified and are sweetened with maltitol, an all-natural sweetener derived from corn. Maltitol dissolves very slowly in the blood stream and therefore does not lead to the sugar spikes associated with most sweeteners, making Ross Chocolate products an excellent choice for health conscious consumers, especially those with diabetes. The company’s dark chocolate bars additionally offer a dairy-free option.

Product safety is ensured by adhering to the strict guidelines of the Interior Health Authority, who perform regular inspections of the company’s facilities.

Ross Chocolates was established in 1995 in Scotch Creek by owners Bob and Lynda Ross. Driven by Bob’s diagnosis of diabetes, the couple set out to create an authentic chocolate bar that could be enjoyed without inducing an insulin spike. While they began as a small manufacturing operation out of the founders’ kitchen, today Ross Chocolates sells their bars to customers across North America. The company uses recycled materials in their packaging and participates in various environmental initiatives. Ross Chocolates also gives back to the community by supporting programs such as the Whole Foods “Whole Planet” Research Foundation Program and by raising funds for juvenile diabetes research.