Soul Bite Food

Soul Bite Food Inc. (Soul Bite) uses traditional spices to connect you with flavours from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Soul Bite Foods

Soul Bite’s journey to produce ethical vegan comfort food began with their involvement with a local Society improving access to healthy food for any people in need. Their vision continues today in their support of charities dedicated to fighting hunger and combating food waste as 50% of their profits are donated to those charities.

Soul Bite’s products are made with only natural ingredients that you can read and understand and with no artificial colours or flavours. Soul Bite’s products include: Stuffed Eggplant (roasted eggplant stuffed with a delicious mix of vegetables, rice and tahini that is flavoured with traditional Middle Eastern flavours); Cabbage Rolls (cabbage leaves stuffed with a tangy mix of sour cabbage and parsley pesto – a 150-year-old Serbian recipe); Balkan Mushroom (crispy phyllo leaves wrap around a tasty mix of leek and mushroom – a traditional recipe from the Balkan region of East Europe); and Taste of Persia (crispy phyllo leaves wrapped around a savoury mix of smoked eggplant and modern dairy-free walnut cheese that offers traditional Iranian flavour). This is comfort food made from old ethnic recipes.

In their first year of business, Soul Bite won the Silver Award for B.C.’s Most Outstanding New Product at From the Ground Up (FTGU) Trade Show. In 2022 they won a B.C. Premier’s Choice Award. They are Coastal Health certified and are in process to gain HAACP certification.