Forest, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development Research Authors

The following are links to publication listings of some Forest Science Program staff. Names were chosen based on the author having published recently (2005+) or frequently. Completeness of the publications lists varies by author. Asterisks (*) mark individuals who no longer work for BC Government service. The Detailed Publications search can be used to search for other authors.

Author Listing
Author Area of Expertise
Armleder, Harold* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Arsenault, Andre* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Banner, Allen* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Bealle Statland, Catherine Growth and Yield/Biometrics
Berch, Shannon* Soil Science
Berger, Vicky* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Bergerud, Wendy* Growth and Yield/Biometrics
Bevington, Alexandre Remote Sensing/Hydrology
Brockley, Rob* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Bulmer, Chuck* Soil Science
Campbell, Elizabeth* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Carlson, Michael* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Cartwright, Charlie Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Chapman, Bill* Forest Health/Entomology/Pathology
Chen, Huapeng Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Coates, Dave* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Coupe, Ray* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Curran, Mike* Soil Science
D'Anjou, Brian* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Davies, Trevor Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
de Montigny, Louise* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Delong, Craig* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Di Lucca, Mario Growth and Yield/Biometrics
Dube, Stephane* Soil Science
Dymond, Caren Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Ferguson, Craig* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Fielder, Peter* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Floyd, Bill Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Foord, Vanessa Climatology
Geertsema, Marten Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Giles, Tim* Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Gluns, Dave* Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Goudie, Jim* Growth and Yield/Biometrics
Griesbauer, Hardy Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Hall, Erin Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Hamilton, Evelyn* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Harper, George Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Hogan, Dan* Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Hope, Graeme* Soil Science
Hovey, Fred* Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Jaquish, Barry* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Johnstone, Wayne* Growth and Yield/Biometrics
Jordan, Peter* Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Kabzems, Richard Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
King, John* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Klassen, Heather Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Klenner, Walt Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Krakowski, Jodie* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Kranabetter, Marty Soil Science
LePage, Phil* Growth and Yield/Biometrics
L'Hirondelle, Sylvia Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Lilles, Erica Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Lloyd, Dennis* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
MacKenzie, Will Landscape Ecology and Modeling
MacKillop, Deb Landscape Ecology and Modeling
MacKinnon, Andy* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Maclauchlan, Lorraine Forest Health/Entomology/Pathology
Martin, Pat Growth and Yield/Biometrics
McLellan, Bruce* Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Meidinger, Del* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Michalski, Tracy Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Millard, Tom Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Miller, Brendan Soil Science
Mitchell, Ken* Growth and Yield/Biometrics
Morgan, Don Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Mowat, Garth Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Murray, Michael Forest Health/Entomology/Pathology
Negrave, Rod* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Neumann, Natasha Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Newman, Reg* Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Newsome, Teresa* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Nigh, Gordon* Growth and Yield/Biometrics
O'Neill, Greg Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement 
Ott, Peter Growth and Yield/Biometrics
Parish, Roberta* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Parminter, John* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Peterson, Les* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Pike, Robin Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Pojar, Jim* Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Polsson, Ken Growth and Yield/Biometrics
Rex, John Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Robert, Jeanne Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement
Rogers, Bruce Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Russell, John* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement
Sakals, Matt Remote Sensing/Drone Technology
Saunders, Sari Landscape Ecology and Modeling
Schwab, Jim* Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Seip, Dale Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Shores, Carolyn Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Simpson, Dave* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement
Soneff, Ken* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Spittlehouse, Dave Climatology
Steventon, Doug* Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Stoehr, Michael* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement
Strong, Ward Forest Health/Entomology/Pathology
Teti, Pat* Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Todd, Melissa Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Tschaplinski, Peter Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Ukrainetz, Nick Forest Health/Entomology/Pathology
van Thienen, Frank* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Vance, Marie Forest Health/Entomology/Pathology
Vyse, Alan* Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Wallace, Brian Soil Science
Waterhouse, Louise Wildlife Habitat and Ecology
Waterhouse, Michaela Silviculture and Silvicultural Systems
Wilford, Dave Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Winkler, Rita* Hydrology/Geomorphology/Aquatic Ecology
Woods, Alex Forest Health/Entomology/Pathology
Xie, Chang-Yi* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement
Yanchuk, Alvin Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement
Ying, Cheng* Forest Genetics/Tree Improvement