Publications - Alexandre Bevington

Position Title: Research Earth Scientist

Contact: B.C. Government Directory

Alexandre leads research projects in the North Area that relate to the quantification and characterization of environmental change using remotely sensed methods. Alex is particularly interested in understanding environmental change in the remote and mountainous regions of the BC.

Current research projects

  • Remote sensing of environmental change in the North Area
  • Quantification of water, snow and glacier ice using remotely sensed data
  • Landslide detection and mitigation using synthetic aperture radar and optical data
  • Geohazard monitoring in permafrost environments


Listed in order of publication date:

2016 to 2020:


  • Ban, Y., Zhang, P., Nascetti, A., Bevington, A. R., & Wulder, M. A. (2020). Near real-time wildfire progression monitoring with Sentinel-1 SAR time series and deep learning. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1322.
  • Deijns, A. A. J., Bevington, A. R., van Zadelhoff, F., de Jong, S. M., Geertsema, M., & McDougall, S. (2020). Semi-automated detection of landslide timing using harmonic modelling of satellite imagery, Buckinghorse River, Canada. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 84, 101943.


  • Barth, S., Geertsema, M., Bevington, A. R., Bird, A. L., Clague, J. J., Millard, T., Bobrowsky, P. T., Hasler, A., & Liu, H. (2019). Landslide response to the 27 October 2012 earthquake (MW 7.8), southern Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada. Landslides.
  • Bevington, A. R., Gleason, H. E., Foord, V. N., Floyd, W. C., & Griesbauer, H. P. (2019). Regional influence of ocean–atmosphere teleconnections on the timing and duration of MODIS-derived snow cover in British Columbia, Canada. The Cryosphere, 13(10), 2693–2712.
  • Brideau, M.-A., Shugar, D. H., Bevington, A. R., Willis, M. J., & Wong, C. (2019). Evolution of the 2014 Vulcan Creek landslide-dammed lake, Yukon, Canada, using field and remote survey techniques. Landslides, 16(10), 1823–1840.
  • Tanski, G., Bergstedt, H., Bevington, A., Bonnaventure, P., Bouchard, F., Coch, C., Dumais, S., Evgrafova, A., Frauenfeld, O. W., Frederick, J., Fritz, M., Frolov, D., Harder, S., Hartmeyer, I., Heslop, J., Högström, E., Johansson, M., Kraev, G., Kuznetsova, E., … Lantuit, H. (2019). The Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN) is getting older: The past, present, and future of our evolving community. The Polar Record, 1–4.


  • Leverkus, S. E. R., Fuhlendorf, S. D., Geertsema, M., Allred, B. W., Gregory, M., Bevington, A. R., Engle, D. M., & Scasta, J. D. (2018). Resource selection of free-ranging horses influenced by fire in northern Canada. Human--Wildlife Interactions, 12(1), 10.
  • Menounos, B., Bevington, A., & Geertsema, M. (2018). Glacier Environments. In P. Bobrowsky & B. Marker (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology (pp. 1–5). Springer International Publishing.


  • Bevington, A. R., Brideau, M.-A., & Geertsema, M. (2017). Mountain Environments. In P. T. Bobrowsky & B. Marker (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology (pp. 1–5). Springer International Publishing.
  • Bevington, A. R., Clague, J. J., Millard, T., Walker, I. J., & Geertsema, M. (2017). The Diverse Landscapes of Haida Gwaii. In O. Slaymaker (Ed.), Landscapes and Landforms of Western Canada (pp. 291–302). Springer International Publishing.


  • Kargel, J. S., Leonard, G. J., Shugar, D. H., Haritashya, U. K., Bevington, A., Fielding, E. J., Fujita, K., Geertsema, M., Miles, E. S., Steiner, J., Anderson, E., Bajracharya, S., Bawden, G. W., Breashears, D. F., Byers, A., Collins, B., Dhital, M. R., Donnellan, A., Evans, T. L., … Young, N. (2016). Geomorphic and geologic controls of geohazards induced by Nepal’s 2015 Gorkha earthquake. Science, 351(6269), aac8353.

2011 to 2015:


  • Bevington, A., & Lewkowicz, A. G. (2015). Assessment of a land cover driven TTOP model for mountain and lowland permafrost using field data, southern Yukon and northern British Columbia, Canada. Proceedings of GéoQuebec: 68th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and 7th Canadian Permafrost Conference. Quebec City, Canada, 9.
  • Bevington, A. R. (2015). Towards a TTOP-Model of Permafrost Distribution for Three Areas in Yukon and Northern British Columbia. Master’s Thesis, University of Ottawa.
  • Brideau, M.-A., Bevington, A., Lewkowicz, A. G., & Stead, D. (2015). Engineering geology, electrical resistivity tomography and displacement monitoring of the Dawson City landslide, Yukon. 68th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Quebec, Canada, Paper, 616.
  • Magnin, F., Krautblatter, M., Deline, P., Ravanel, L., Malet, E., & Bevington, A. (2015). Determination of warm, sensitive permafrost areas in near-vertical rockwalls and evaluation of distributed models by electrical resistivity tomography. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 120(5), 745–762.
  • Smith, S. L., Lewkowicz, A. G., Ednie, M., Duguay, M., & Bevington, A. (2015). Characterization of permafrost thermal state in the southern Yukon. 68th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Quebec, CanadaJournal of Glaciology60, 113–123.