Publications – Erin Hall

Position title: Stewardship Forester

Contact: B.C. Government directory


Listed in order of publication date.


  • Mah, S., K. Astridge, C. DeLong, C. Wickland, M. Todd, L. McAuley, P. LePage, D. Coates, B. Heemskerk, A. Banner, and E. Hall. 2012. A Landscape-level Species Strategy for Forest Management in British Columbia: Exploration of Development and Implementation Issues. Prov. B.C., Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 067. [Link]


  • Astrup, R., K.D. Coates, and E. Hall. 2008. Finding the appropriate level of complexity for a simulation model: An example with a forest growth model. For. Ecol. Manage. 256(10):1659-1665. [Link]
  • Astrup, R., K.D. Coates, and E. Hall. 2008. Recruitment limitation in forests: Lessons from an unprecedented mountain pine beetle epidemic. For. Ecol. Manage. 256(10):1743-1750. [Link]


  • Coopersmith, D. and E. Hall. 1999. Experimental Project 1077- The Siphon Creek Mixedwood Trial: The Use of a Simple Height-to-Diameter Ratio to Predict the Growth Success of Planted White Spruce Seedlings beneath Aspen Canopies. B.C. Min. For., Prince George. Forest Research Note PG-17. 


  • Livingston, N.J. and D.L. Spittlehouse. 1993. Carbon isotope fractionation in tree rings in relation to the growing season water balance. In: Stable Isotopes and Plant Carbon-Water Relations. Ehleringer, J.R., A.E. Hall, and G.D. Farquhar. (editors). Academic Press, Inc. New York, pp. 141-153.