Publications – Carolyn Shores

Position title: Caribou specialist


Listed in order of publication date:

2016 to 2020:


  • Shores, C.R., Mikle, N. and Graves, T.A., 2019. Mapping a keystone shrub species, huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum), using seasonal colour change in the Rocky Mountains. International Journal of Remote Sensing40(15), pp.5695-5715.
  • Shores, C.R., Dellinger, J.A., Newkirk, E.S., Kachel, S.M. and Wirsing, A.J., 2019. Mesopredators change temporal activity in response to a recolonizing apex predator. Behavioral Ecology.
  • Dellinger, J.A., Shores, C.R., Craig, A., Heithaus, M.R., Ripple, W.J. and Wirsing, A.J., 2019. Habitat use of sympatric prey suggests divergent anti-predator responses to recolonizing gray wolves. Oecologia189(2), pp.487-500.


  • Dellinger, J.A., Shores, C.R., Marsh, M., Heithaus, M.R., Ripple, W.J. and Wirsing, A.J., 2018. Impacts of recolonizing gray wolves (Canis lupus) on survival and mortality in two sympatric ungulates. Canadian Journal of Zoology96(7), pp.760-768.