Cross-Linked Information Resources (CLIR)

Last updated on November 25, 2021

CLIR is a tool for searching several databases at once. You can find a variety of files (reports, studies, data, etc.) on a range of environmental and natural resource topics. 

CLIR searches for documents in the following databases:

  • BCSEE — BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer. Data and information about plants, animals and ecosystems.
  • EcoCat — Ecological Reports Catalogue. Reports from a variety of disciplines on water quality and water quantity, reservoirs, floodplain mapping, groundwater, fish and fish habitat, wildlife and wildlife habitat, terrestrial information, soils and vegetation
  • EIRS BDP — Biodiversity/Environmental Information Resources e-Library. A range of environmental and natural resource information, including publications on British Columbia's species and their habitats
  • EIRS EP — Environmental Protection Information Resources e-Library. A range of information on environmental protection in B.C., including publications on air quality, water quality, climate change, solid and liquid waste, recycling and product stewardship
  • J.T. Fyles Natural Resources Library — a multiple ministry natural resource sector library
  • SIWE — Species Inventory Web Explorer, a component of the Species Inventory Data System (SPI) system

CLIR allows you to:

  • Use keywords and advance search features to search six major collections
  • Sort, print and export your search results
  • Download files — whenever possible, reports are in Acrobat (PDF) format so they retain their content and appearance. Larger reports have been divided into smaller files for ease of downloading (an introductory page lists their components). CLIR does not provide software for viewing file types

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