Publications – Tim Giles

This researcher no longer works for the B.C. Government.


Research papers listed in order of publication date.

2011 to 2015:


2006 to 2010:



  • Moore, D., R. Winkler, D. Carlyle-Moses, D. Spittlehouse, T. Giles, J. Phillips, J. Leach, B. Eaton, P. Owens, E. Petticrew, W. Blake, B. Heise, and T. Redding (compilers). 2008. Watershed Response to the McLure Forest Fire: Presentation Summaries from the Fishtrap Creek Workshop, March 2008. Streamline Watershed Management Bulletin 12(1):1-11.
  • Winkler, R., Spittlehouse, D., Allen, D., Redding, T., Giles, T. Hope, G., Heise, B., Alila, Y. and Voeckler, H. 2008. The Upper Penticton Creek Watershed Experiment: Integrated Water Resource Research on the Okanagan Plateau. In Procs. of the One Watershed – One Water Conference. Kelowna, October 21-23, 2008.


  • Petticrew, E.L., P.N. Owens, and T.R. Giles. 2006. Wildfire effects on the quantity and composition of suspended and gravel-stored sediments. Water Air Soil Pollut.: Focus 6(5-6):647-656.

2000 to 2005:


  • Winkler, R.D., D.L. Spittlehouse, T.R. Giles, B.A. Heise, G.D. Hope, and M.A. Schnorbus. 2004. Upper Penticton Creek: How Forest Harvesting Affects Water Quantity and Quality. Streamline Watershed Management Bulletin 8(1):18-20.