Overview of the Natural Resource Research Program

The B.C.’s Natural Resource Research Program has a rich history with contributions from dozens of research scientists spread across the province.

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History of the Research Program

In 2021, the B.C. Natural Resource Research Program celebrated the 100th anniversary of ongoing research supporting the sustainable management of British Columbia’s natural resources.

It was 1921 when the Forest Branch hired the first researcher, J. L. Alexander, to study forest regeneration, growth and yield, and fire protection. Today over 70 Research Program scientists investigate a wide array of research topics to increase our knowledge on the sustainable management of B.C.’s natural resources and to better understand the effects of climate change.

In the video below, Steve Baumber, Senior Timber Tenures Forester, provides an overview of the last hundred years in B.C. forestry research.

100 Years of Research Video

Overview of the Research Program

The B.C.’s Natural Resource Research Program leads and collaborates on more than 200 research projects on an annual basis. These collaborations include other government agencies, First Nations, academic and research institutions, and industry leaders to expand the breadth of knowledge of the Research Program in natural resource management.

Ministry research scientists communicate their work by publishing in peer-reviewed journals, technical reports, and extension publications with direct applicability to natural resources management.

Research Talks Series 

Research Talks is a YouTube series featuring Ministry scientists sharing their key research findings:

Click here to watch the research talks YouTube series