Publications – Hardy Griesbauer

Position Title: Research Silvicultural Ecologist

Contact: B.C. Government Directory

Hardy conducts research on silviculture and ecological topics relevant to forest management in northern BC.  His primary focus is on understanding how silvicultural approaches can be adapted to address emerging challenges including climate change, drought and wildlife habitat management.

Current research projects

  • Development of a stand-level drought hazard prediction tool for British Columbia
  • Increasing knowledge and capacity for climate-change informed tree species selection
  • Evaluating the historical performance of novel tree species in northern B.C.
  • Development of silviculture practices to reduce moose-caribou overlap 
  • Climate Change-Informed Species Selection Tool


Listed in order of publication date.


  • Griesbauer, H.P., Klassen, H., Saunders, S.C. and Spittlehouse, D.L., 2019. Variation in climate-growth relationships for Douglas-fir growth across spatial and temporal scales on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Forest Ecology and Management444, pp.30-41.


  • Wiley, E., Rogers, B.J., Griesbauer, H.P. and Landhäusser, S.M., 2018. Spruce shows greater sensitivity to recent warming than Douglas‐fir in central British Columbia. Ecosphere, 9(5). LINK 


  • Delong, C., Griesbauer, H., Mackenzie, W. and Foord, V., 2010. Corroboration of biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification climate. Journal of Ecosystems and Management10(3).
  • Griesbauer, H.P. and Green, D.S., 2010. Assessing the climatic sensitivity of Douglas-fir at its northern range margins in British Columbia, Canada. Trees24(2), pp.375-389.
  • Griesbauer, H.P. and Green, D.S., 2010. Regional and ecological patterns in interior Douglas-fir climate–growth relationships in British Columbia, Canada. Canadian journal of forest research40(2), pp.308-321.