Environmental research is an important part of maintaining the health of B.C.'s ecosystems and natural resources.

Air Quality Modelling

Modelling refers to a set of scientific methods that are used to identify the sources that contribute to poor air quality and to project air quality changes for different scenarios.

Analytical Laboratory

The Analytical Laboratory work unit provides analytical chemistry, soil physics, seed viability, pollen viability, and dendrochronology testing support on a cost-recovery basis to researchers and operational staff across the natural resource sector.

Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC)

BEC is a multi-scaled, ecosystem-based classification system that groups ecologically similar sites based on climate, soils and vegetation.

Cross Linked Information Resources (CLIR)

Use this search tool to lookup environmental and natural resource information across six data collections.

Forest Health Research

Forest Health is a key component in Forest Stewardship, detecting, prescribing and implementing solutions for forest health issues.

Forest Genetics

Managing and conserving forest genetic resources are essential components of forest stewardship.

Provincial Climate Data Set (PCDS)

Use the interactive map to search observations of weather and climate variables such as temperature and rainfall amounts in B.C.

Species and Ecosystems Explorer

Use this information portal to access data, reports and documents related to provincial species and ecological communities.