Environmental and Natural Resource Research

British Columbia is home to a rich area of natural and cultural resources and research is an important part of there maintenance.

Operating on a provincial land base of over 94 million hectares, the Ministry sustainably manages BC’s forest, range, water, mineral and land-based resources. Natural resources include the structural and functional environments that support wildlife and species. 

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Ecosystem stewardship

Ecosystem stewardship research involves researching how to use and protect B.C.’s natural resources in a responsible way to maintain or enhance ecosystem resilience and human well-being. Ecosystem stewardship research supports management decisions that maintain or enhance ecosystem services and resiliency. 

Ecosystem stewardship research topics:

Ecosystem health and disturbance

Ecosystem health and disturbance research investigates the distribution of disturbances over time, from insect and disease outbreaks, wildfire, climate shift, and anthropogenic activities.

Research is directed at understanding and predicting the effects of these disturbances on natural resources, to improve our ability to mitigate these impacts, and maintain current and future ecosystems.  

Ecosystem health and disturbance research topics:


Water research supports sustainable water allocations and public safety. 

Water research topic:

Species and habitats

Species and Habitats research investigates the protection, conservation, and management of terrestrial and aquatic species, populations, and habitats. 

Timber supply and silviculture

Timber supply and silviculture research supports the establishment and stewardship of forests, and the maintenance of timber supply to support the economy. 

Timber supply and silviculture research topics:

Forest bio-economy

Forest bio-economy research supports the government and industry’s needs associated with new technology. 

Bio-economy research topics:

Ecosystems and Biogeoclimatic Classification:


The Ministry has an active forest genetics program that is focused on maintaining genetic diversity of B.C.’s forests, and producing tree seed selected for faster growth, pest resistance, and better wood quality, to benefit our future forests and communities.