Publications – Peter Ott

As a biometrician, Peter provides statistical support to many different programs (e.g. forest ecology, tree breeding, forest inventory, wildlife habitat, timber supply, forest economics, etc.).

This includes assistance with the planning and design of projects, data analyses, manuscript reviews and more. He is a long-time user of both SAS and R, and an accredited professional statistician with the Statistical Society of Canada. The majority of his projects are led by government researchers or operational staff requiring his expertise.

Position title: Senior biometrician

Contact: B.C. Government Directory

Current research projects

  • Softwood lumber analyses
  • A Thurstonian model for species suitability


Listed in order of publication date:

2016 to 2020:


  • Mowat, G., A. Clevenger, A. Kortello, D. Hausleitner, M. Berruto, C. Lamb, B. Dorsey, P. Ott. 2019. In Prep. The sustainability of human-caused mortality of wolverine in southern Canada. Journal of Wildlife Management.


  • Donald, D. S., F. L. Waterhouse, and P. K. Ott. 2018. Verification of a Marbled Murrelet Habitat Inventory in Three North Coast Landscape Units in Coastal British Columbia. Prov. B.C., Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 117.
  • Kranabetter, J.M., Berch, S.M., MacKinnon, J.A., Ceska, O., Dunn, D.E., and Ott, P.K. 2018. Species-area curve and distance-decay relationship indicate habitat thresholds of ectomycorrhizal fungi in an old-growth Pseudotsuga menziesii landscape. Diversity and Distributions 24: 755-764.


  • Mansfield, S.D., R. Parish, P.K. Ott, J.F. Hart, and J.W. Goudie. 2016. Assessing the wood quality of interior spruce (Picea glauca × P. engelmannii): Variation in strength, relative density, microfibril angle, and fiber length. Holzforschung 70(3): 223-234.
  • Ott, P.K. and D. Errico. 2016. Revisiting Fraser’s triangles as the basis for estimating tree density, spatial distribution and stocking. Forest Science 62(5): 474-481.

2011 to 2015:


  • Stoehr, M., P.K. Ott, and J. Woods. 2015. Inbreeding in mid-rotation coastal Douglas-fir: implications for breeding. Annals of Forest Science 72(2): 195-204.
  • Huapeng Chen, Peter L. Jackson, Peter Ott, and David L. Spittlehouse 2015 A spatiotemporal pattern analysis of potential mountain pine beetle emergence in British Columbia, Canada. Forest Ecology and Management 337: 11-19.


  • Stoehr, M., Ott, P. and Woods, J. 2014. Inbreeding in mid-rotation coastal Douglas-fir: implications for breeding. Ann. For. Sci. DOI 10.1007/s13595-014-041-0
  • Chen, H., P.K. Ott, J. Wang, and T. Ebata. 2014. A positive response of mountain pine beetle to pine forest-clearcut edges at the landscape scale in British Columbia, Canada. Landscape Ecology 29(9): 1625-1639.
  • Huapeng Chen, Peter Ott, James Wang, and Tim Ebata 2014 A positive response of mountain pine beetle to pine forest-clearcut edges at the landscape scale in British Columbia, Canada. Landscape Ecology 29:1625-1639.
  • Ott, P.K. 2014. %COVTEST: A SAS® Macro for Hypothesis Testing in Linear Mixed Effects Models via Parametric Bootstrap. Paper 1558-2014. Proceedings of the SAS ® Global Forum 2014 Conference. Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc.
  • O’Neill, G.A., Stoehr, M. and Jaquish, B. 2014. Quantifying safe seed transfer distance and impacts of tree breeding on adaptation. For. Eco. Mgt. 328:122-130.


  • Waterhouse, F.L., I.A. Manley, A.S. Harestad, and P.K. Ott. 2012. Nest Structures and Habitats of the Northern Spotted Owl in Three Ecological Subregions of British Columbia. Prov. B.C., Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 069. [Link]
  • Cober, A., F.L. Waterhouse, A.E. Burger, A. Donaldson, B. Smart, and P.K. Ott. 2012. Using Low-level Aerial Surveys to Verify Air Photo Interpretation of Marbled Murrelet Nesting Habitat in Haida Gwaii. Prov. B.C., Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 070. [Link]
  • Kimball, B.A., J.H. Russell, and P.K. Ott. 2012. Phytochemical variation within a single plant species influences foraging behavior of deer. Oikos 121(5):743-751 [Link]


  • Waterhouse, F.L., A. Donaldson, P.K. Ott, and G. Kaiser. 2011. Interpretation of habitat quality from air photos at Marbled Murrelet nest sites in Mussel Inlet on the British Columbia Central Coast. B.C. Min. For., Mines Lands, Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 061. [Link]

2006 to 2010:


  • de Montigny, L.E., R.W. Negrave, and P.K. Ott. 2010. Effects of pruning severity on the growth of western redcedar after 12 years. pages 103-108 in Harrington, Constance 2010. A tale of two cedars: International symposium on western redcedar and yellow-cedar. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-828. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 177 p. [Link]
  • Waterhouse, F.L., A.E. Burger, P.K. Ott, A. Donaldson, and D.B. Lank. 2010. Does interpretation of Marbled Murrelet nesting habitat change with different classification methods?. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 10(3):20-34. 
  • Donald, D.S., F.L. Waterhouse, and P.K. Ott. 2010. Verification of a Marbled Murrelet Habitat Inventory on the British Columbian Central Coast. B.C. Min. For. Range, For. Sci. Prog. and B.C. Min. Environ., Environ. Stewardship. Div., Victoria, B.C. Tech. Rep. 060. [Link]
  • Parish, R., J.A. Antos, P.K. Ott, and C.M. Di Lucca. 2010. Snag longevity of Douglas-fir, western hemlock, and western redcedar from permanent sample plots in coastal British Columbia. For. Ecol. Manage. 259(3):633-640. [Link]


  • Goudie, J.W., K.R. Polsson, and P.K. Ott. 2009. An empirical model of crown shyness for lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. latifolia [Engl.] Critch.) in British Columbia. For. Ecol. Manage. 257(1):321-331. [Link]
  • Waterhouse, F.L., A.E. Burger, D.B. Lank, P.K. Ott, E.A. Krebs, and N. Parker. 2009. Using the low-level aerial survey method to identify Marbled Murrelet nesting habitat. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 10(1):80-96. 
  • Mansfield, S.D., R. Parish, C.M. Di Lucca, J.W. Goudie, K-Y. Kang, and P.K. Ott. 2009. Revisiting the transition between juvenile and mature wood: a comparison of fibre length, microfibril angle and relative wood density in lodgepole pine. Holzforschung 63(4):449-456.


  • Waterhouse, F.L., A. Donaldson, D.B. Lank, P.K. Ott, and E.A. Krebs. 2008. Using air photos to interpret quality of Marbled Murrelet nesting habitat in south coastal British Columbia. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 9(1):17-37. 


  • Lofroth, E.C. and P.K. Ott. 2007. Assessment of the Sustainability of Wolverine Harvest in British Columbia, Canada. J. Wildl. Manage. 71(7):2193-2200. [Link]
  • Mansfield, S.D., R. Parish, J.W. Goudie, K-Y. Kang, and P.K. Ott. 2007. The effects of crown ratio on the transition from juvenile to mature wood production in lodgepole pine in western Canada. Can. J. For. Res. 37(8):1450-1459. 
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  • Waterhouse, F.L., A.E. Burger, A. Cober, A.S. Donaldson, and P.K. Ott. 2007. Assessing Habitat Quality of Marbled Murrelet Nest Sites on the Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii, by Algorithm, Airphoto Interpretation, and Aerial Survey Methods. B.C. Min. For. Range., Coast Forest Region, Nanaimo, B.C. Tech. Rep. TR-035. 22 pp. [Coast Technical Report 035 459KB]

2000 to 2005:


  • Webber, J., P. Ott, J. Owens, and W. Binder. 2005. Elevated temperature during reproductive development affects cone traits and progeny performance in Picea glauca x engelmannii complex. Tree Physiol. 25(10):1219-1227. 
  • Steventon, J.D., W.A. Bergerud, and P.K. Ott. 2005. Analysis of presence/absence data when absence is uncertain (false zeroes): an example for the northern flying squirrel using SAS. B.C. Min. For. Range, Res. Br., Victoria, B.C. Exten. Note 74. [Link]
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  • O'Neill, G.A., J.H. Russell, B.D. Hooge, P.K. Ott, and C.D.B. Hawkins. 2005. Estimating gains from genetic tests of somatic emblings of interior spruce. For. Gen. 12(1):57-66. 


  • King, J.N. and P. Ott. 2004. Major and 'R' gene resistance - possibilities and parallels between pathogens and insects. In: O'Neill, G.A. and J.D. Simpson (Editors). 2004. Proceedings of the twenty-ninth meeting of the Canadian Tree Improvement Association - part 2: climate change and forest genetics. Can. Tree Improve. Assoc., July 26-29, Kelowna, B.C. pp. 87. [PDF 8395KB]
  • Davis, G., P. Marshall, P. Ott, A. Orr-Ewing, and A.F. Linnell Nemec. 2004. A modified timber cruise for the inventory of dead wood in Coastal forests: a field trial. B.C. Min. For. Range., Coast Forest Region, Nanaimo, B.C. Tech. Rep. TR-031. 55 pp. [Coast Technical Report 031 815KB]


  • Waterhouse, F.L., A.S. Harestad, and P.K. Ott. 2002. Use of small streams and forest gaps for breeding habitats by winter wrens in coastal British Columbia. Northwest Sci. 76(4):335-346. 


  • DeLong, S.C., P. Burton, T. Mahon, P. Ott, and D. Steventon. 2001. Factors Affecting Windthrow in Reserves in Northern British Columbia. In: Mitchell, S.J. and J. Rodney (compilers). Proceedings of the Windthrow Researchers Workshop held January 31-February 1, 2001 in Richmond, British Columbia, pp. 32-41 

1999 and earlier:


  • Steventon, J.D., P.K. Ott, and K.L. MacKenzie. 1999. Effect of partial cutting on predation risk to artificial bird nests. Can. J. For. Res. 29(12):1911-1915. [Link]
  • Ott, P.K. 1999. MANOVA: Profile Analysis - an example using SAS. B.C. Min. For., Res. Br., Victoria, B.C. Biometrics Info. Pamph. 60. [Biometrics Information Pamphlet 60 156KB (Index of biometrics pamphlets 69KB)]


  • Ott, P.K. 1997. The Use of Indicator Variables in Non-linear Regression. B.C. Min. For., Res. Br., Victoria, B.C. Biometrics Info. Pamph. 56. [Biometrics Information Pamphlet 56 119KB (Index of biometrics pamphlets 69KB)]


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  • Beamish, F.W.H., P.K. Ott, and S.L. Roe. 1994. Interpopulational variation in fecundity and egg size in southern brook lamprey, Ichthyomyzon gagei. Copeia 3:718-725. [Link]