Publications – Pat Martin

This researcher no longer works for the B.C. Government.


Listed in order of publication date.


  • Martin, P. 2007. Timber-focussed evaluation of partial cutting in British Columbia under the Forest and Range Evaluation Program. In: Overcoming Obstacles to Variable Retention in Forest Management: Science to Management Forum Proceedings, September 25-27, 2007. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 8(3):103-107. 


  • Nigh, G.D. and P.J. Martin. 2006. Selecting a method to estimate site index. B.C. Min. For. and Range, Res. Br. Victoria BC. Land Manag. Handb. Field Guide Insert 12. [Link]


  • Martin, P., A. Nemec, and G. Nigh.  2001.  Behaviour of site index estimates when a growth intercept model is applied in surveys of regenerated stands.  B.C. Min. For., For. Pract. Br., Victoria, B.C.  Silv. Note 28.
  • Martin, P.J. 2001. Using OAF1 estimates to rank areas for supplemental planting. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 1(1):24-30. 
  • Nigh, G.D. and P.J. Martin. 2001. A method to assess the performance of growth intercept models in British Columbia. For. Chron. 77(3):491-499. [Link]


  • Martin, P. and B. Jaquish. 2000. Site index at the Trinity Valley Douglas-fir provenance trial: some implications. TICtalk 3(1):18. [TICtalk 3 - 2000 669KB]