Timber Supply Areas Target Release Dates

Please note these are estimated dates only and are subject to change. The schedule will be updated as information is available.

This site provides the schedule for each Timber Supply Area (TSA) under the current round of Timber Supply Review.

TSA Data Package
 Discussion Paper
Current AAC Decision (Determination Date) Section 8 Deadline Next AAC Decision (Fiscal Year*)
Arrowsmith 25-Sep-15 8-Nov-16 22-Jul–09 22-Jul-2019 2028/29
Fraser 18-Oct-13 3-Mar-15 18-Feb-16 18-Feb-2026 2026/27
Pacific 29-Jan-16 9-Sept-16 10-Aug-17 N/A 2027/28
Haida Gwaii      20-Sep-12 20-Sep-2022 2022/23
Soo     12-May-11 12-May-2021 2021/22
Sunshine Coast     16-Jan-12 16-Jan-2022 2021/22
Great Bear Rainforest (GBR) North     1-Jan-17 1-Jan-2027 2027/28
Great Bear Rainforest (GBR) South     1-Jan-17 1-Jan-2027 2027/28
North Island     1-Jan-17 1-Jan-2027 2027/28
Fort Nelson 6-Feb-2017   9-Nov-06 9-Nov-2016 2017/18
Cascadia     16-Jul-11  16-Jul-2021 2021/2022
Fort St. John 22-May-15 3-Nov-16 22-Jan-03 22-Jan-2013 2017/18
Dawson Creek 16-Sep-11 26-Sep-13 30-Oct-14 30-Oct-2024 2024/25
Kalum     16-Feb-11 16-Feb-2021 2020/21
Kispiox     18-Dec-07 18-Dec-2017 2017/18
Nass     6-Sep-13 30-Jul-2017 2017/18
Bulkley 25-Mar-11 22-Nov-12 29-Jan-14 29-Jan-2024 2024/25
Cassiar 18-Sep-13 26-Sep-13 5-Mar-15 5-Mar-2025 2025/26
Morice 18-Jul-13 10-Apr-14 16-Mar-15 16-Mar-2025 2025/26
Lakes     12-Jul-11 12-Jul-2021 2017/18
Mackenzie 21-Sep-12 17-Oct-13 12-Nov-14 14-Nov-2024 2024/25
Prince George 22-Apr-15 22-Mar-16 11-Oct-17 11-Oct-2027 2027/28
Robson Valley 24-Dec-12 4-Dec-13 22-May-14 22-May-2024 2024/25
Arrow 15-Apr-16 21-Sep-16 16-Nov-17 16-Nov-2027 2027/28
Boundary 24-Jun-11 5-Jul-13 22-May-14 22-May-2024 2024/25
Cranbrook 16-Oct-15 8-Sep-16 24-Aug-17 12-Oct-2015 2027/28
Golden     3-Jun-10 3-Jun-2020 2020/21
Invermere 16-Oct-15 8-Sep-16 29-Jun-17 29-Jun-2027 2027/28
Kamloops 9-Sep-14 24-Sep-15 5-May-16 5-May-2026 2026/27
Kootenay Lake     12-Aug-10 12-Aug-2020 2020/21
Lillooet     26-Mar-09 26-Mar-2019 2018/19
Merritt   22-Jul-15 29-Mar-16 29-Mar-2026 2026/27
Okanagan     29-Feb-12 29-Feb-2022 2021/22
100 Mile House 6-Jan-12 10-Jan-13 7-Nov-13 7-Nov-2023 2023/24
Quesnel 22-Jun-15 11-May-16 16-Jun-17 16-Jun-2027 2027/28
Revelstoke     28-Jul-11 28-Jul-2021 2021/22
Williams Lake 11-Apr-13 14-Jan-14 25-Feb-15 25-Feb-2025 2025/26

* Fiscal Year is April 1 to March 31.

Cascadia TSA is located in the north and south area of the province.

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