Kispiox Timber Supply Area

The Kispiox Timber Supply Area (TSA) is in British Columbia’s northwest interior. It is part of the Skeena Natural Resource Region and is administered by the Skeena Stikine Natural Resource District office in Smithers.

The TSA is bordered on the north by the Nass and Prince George TSAs, on the west by the Kalum TSA and on the south and east by the Bulkley TSA.

The TSA encompasses many communities, including the District of New Hazelton and the communities of Hazelton, South Hazelton, Kitwanga, Cedarvale, Kispiox, Gitsegukla, Gitwangak, Gitanyow, Moricetown, Hagwilget, Glen Vowell and Gitanmaax.

The Cranberry TSA was consolidated with the Kispiox TSA on March 31, 2009, under Section 7 of the Forest Act

The Kispiox TSA’s current allowable annual cut (AAC) is 1,087,000 cubic metres, in line with Section 6 of the Allowable Annual Cut Administration Regulation. Generally, a new AAC is set at least once every 10 years.

In-progress Timber Supply Review

Data Package (PDF, 1.9MB) February 2021

Current Timber Supply Review