Invermere Timber Supply Area

The Invermere Timber Supply Area (TSA) consists of about 1.169 million hectares in southeastern British Columbia. It is administered by the Rocky Mountain Natural Resource District.

The TSA includes the communities of Invermere, Windermere, Canal Flats and Radium Hot Springs. Eleven provincial parks and Kootenay National Park are adjacent to or within it. Provincial parks include Mount Assiniboine Park, Height of the Rockies Wilderness Area, Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Area, Bugaboo Alpine Park, Top of the World Park, Elk Lake Park and Recreation Area.

The Invermere TSA’s current allowable annual cut (AAC) is 424,800 cubic metres as of June 30, 2022. Generally, a new AAC is set at least once every 10 years.

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