Cascadia Timber Supply Area

The Cascadia TSA differs from most other management units in British Columbia in that its constituent timber supply blocks are widely dispersed, and the block groupings are managed by four BC Timber Sales (BCTS) business areas.

Effective January 23, 2020 the new allowable annual cut (AAC) for the Cascadia Timber Supply Area (TSA) is 356 230 cubic metres.  Generally, a new AAC is set at least once every 10 years.

The Chief Forester has issued a written order under Section 173 (Part 13) of the Forest Act, immediately following this decision, reducing the new Cascadia TSA AAC attributable to the BCTS Skeena Business Area by 9310 cubic metres per year.  This order will remain in effect until the Kitsumkalum‑Kitselas Designated Area No. 1 expires or the Kitsumkalum Treaty is ratified.  Once the Kitsumkalum Treaty takes effect, the AIP lands will no longer be provincial land and will be removed from the Cascadia TSA for future AAC determinations.

Therefore, the allowable annual cut for the Cascadia Timber Supply Area (TSA) is 346,920 cubic metres per year.

Feedback is welcome on any issues related to this timber supply review.  Public input is a vital part of the timber supply review process.

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Reference #2020FLNRO010-000106* Released on January 23, 2020  

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