Robson Valley Timber Supply Area

The Robson Valley Timber Supply Area (TSA) is in east-central British Columbia, covering about 1.46 million hectares and including the communities of Valemount, McBride, Tete Jaune Cache, Crescent Spur-Loos, Dunster and Albreda.

It's bordered to the west by the Wells Gray and Bowron Lake Provincial Parks. To the east are the Willmore Wilderness Area, Jasper National Park, and Mount Robson and Mount Terry Fox Provincial Parks.

The TSA is administered by the Prince George Natural Resource District office in Prince George and a field office in McBride.

The Robson Valley TSA’s allowable annual cut (AAC) was adjusted to 363,559 cubic metres (Community Forest Agreement Valemount K5Q, effective March 1, 2016). When a CFA is issued, the AAC is adjusted to reflect the land removed from the TSA, per the Allowable Annual Cut Administration Regulation. Generally, a new AAC is set at least once every 10 years.

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