100 Mile House Timber Supply Area

The 100 Mile House timber supply area (TSA) is in south-central British Columbia and consists of about 1.24 million hectares. Communities within it include 100 Mile House, 108 Mile Ranch, Clinton, Lac la Hache, Forest Grove, 70 Mile House, Lone Butte and Bridge Lake. The TSA is administered by the 100 Mile House Natural Resource District.

Following the Clinton Community Forest Agreement (CFA) on June 11, 2014, the TSA’s allowable annual cut (AAC) was reduced to 1,948,002 cubic metres, of which no more than 477,707 cubic metres are attributable to live trees. 

When a CFA is issued, the TSA’s AAC is adjusted to reflect the land removed from it, per the Allowable Annual Cut Administration Regulation. This resulted in a reduction of 51,998 cubic metres.

The 100 Mile House TSA’s adjusted AAC remains in place until November 6, 2018. From then until the next determination, it will be 967,805 cubic metres, of which no more than 477,707 cubic metres are attributable to live trees.

Previously, effective November 7, 2013, the 100 Mile House TSA’s AAC was 2 million cubic metres, with no more than 500,000 cubic metres attributable to live trees.

Feedback is welcome on any issues related to the timber supply review for the 100 Mile House TSA. Public input is vital to the timber supply review process.

Current Timber Supply Review