Timber Supply Review and Allowable Annual Cut

Last updated on June 27, 2024

Timber supply is the amount of timber that is projected to be available for harvesting over a specified time and under a particular management regime.

It's a combination of:

  • The condition of the existing forest
  • The growth rate of the existing and harvested forest
  • How the forest is managed for timber and other resource values
  • Choices around the rate of harvest

Previous Timber Supply Review documents

Older and previous Timber Supply Review (TSR) documents are available for download. If you require further information contact Timber Supply Review Technician.

Find out more about the Timber Supply Review process: 

Timber Supply Review special reports

Climate change in TSR Report April 6 2023 (PDF, 2.78MB) a discussion paper assisting in climate change consideration into the Timber Supply Review (TSR) process.

Periodically, forest analysis staff will do analysis or modelling in light of changing forest conditions.

Impacts of 2021 Fires on Forests and Timber Supply in British Columbia (PDF, 964KB) assesses the effect of the 2021 wildfires on timber supply.

Impacts of 2018 Fires on Timber Supply (PDF, 932KB) provides an impact analysis of the 2018 wildfires on timber supply.

Impacts of 2017 Fires on Timber Supply (PDF, 1MB) provides an impact analysis of the 2017 wildfires on timber supply in the 100 Mile House, Quesnel and Williams Lake timber supply areas.

Contact information

For more information on Timber Supply Review and Allowable Annual Cut, contact the Forest Analysis and Data Management Manager