Sea to Sky Natural Resource District road safety information

Given recent weather events, many resource roads across BC are at risk of flooding &landslides. Consider potential road damage; avoid activity near watercourses & steep areas prone to landslides. Postpone travel to storm-affect areas. Please report any unsafe issues in the district to the Sea to Sky Natural Resource District office 604-898-2100

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Go to the road conditions in the Sea to Sky district page for more specific information about road conditions.

Road notices and warnings

Temporary Road Closures

In-SHUCK-ch FSR at ~55km

  • November 15, 2021 until further notice
  • Road closed due to compromised bridge, no access beyond ~55km. Traffic control at 0km alerting to issue
  • Lillooet West FSR is temporarily open, 4WD recommended

Lillooet River FSR (Upper Lillooet) at 9km

  • November 26 - December 2, 2021 
  • Road closed at gate at 9km due to assessed landslide risk given expected heavy rainfall. Road closure will be reassessed as weather event unfolds

Sloquet FSR at 6km

  • November 22, 2021 until further notice
  • Road closed due to bridge washout as a result of recent weather events

Swift Creek FSR at 1km

  • November 22, 2021 until further notice
  • Road closed due to wash out. No access beyond ~1km

​Motor vehicle prohibitions

Ryan River FSR 8015 (year round)
Motorized vehicle prohibition on that portion of M.U. 2-11 being the watershed of the Ryan River upstream of the bridge crossing over the Ryan River at 8 km on the Ryan River Forest Service Road. Wildlife Act, section 77)

Bridge information

Contractor information & general resources

To learn more about permitting information go to the Sea to Sky District Road permitting information page.

B.C. BID Questions and Answers (PDF, 133 KB), although there are no current tender requests posted.

Volcanic Landslide Risk Management (PDF, 4.6 MB)

  • Lillooet River Valley, B.C.: Start of north and south FSRs to Meager Confluence, Meager Creek and Upper Lillooet River

Weather Thresholds and Operational Safety Planning (PDF, 4.6 MB)

  • Turbid Creek, Mount Cayley, Squamish River Valley, B.C.

Stream Flow Advisory

Notice to Contractors (PDF, 135 KB) (Effective April 1, 2017)

Interactive district map

Road deactivation

February 2, 2017: Under Section 121 (9) of the Forest Act, please find notice of the deactivation or transfer of selected Forest Service Roads within the Sea to Sky Natural Resource District.