North Island - Central Coast Natural Resource District Road Safety Information

Road Information

Updated as of June 11, 2020


North Vancouver Island

  • RN1300 (off of Ronning Main) closed to all traffic from June 15th to June 19th.
  • Ronning Main (13km) closed to all traffic from June 22nd to June 26th.
  • Access to Raft Cove and Coast Main will not be impacted by the two closures above.
  • Numerous slides and washouts on Side Bay Road.  Drive at your own risk.
  • Plans for a bridge replacement on the Mount Cain Access Road at Croman Lake – Updates coming soon.

Bella Coola

  • Talchako FSR closed May 6th through May 31st for bridge repairs.


Current Closures

North Vancouver Island

  • Dick Booth FSR (8211) – Closed – no vehicle access.
  • Georgie Lake FSR (8116) – Closed Ursie Creek Branch.
  • Pinch Creek/Branch 25 FSR (10656) - Closed just up from lake, no vehicle access to Alice Lake.
  • Restless FSR (Gooding Cove) (7989) - Is accessible but is brushed in, drive at your own risk.
  • Ronning FSR (10506) – Bridge removed at Palmerston Crossing – no vehicle access.

Bella Coola

  • East Nusatsum (9021) - Closed at 4.5 km due to washout.
  • Nusatsum FSR (8130) – 4x4 access only, no access beyond 21km due to washouts and avalanches.
  • Salloomt FSR (8231) - Blocked at Goat Creek due to washout.
  • Talchako FSR (8250) - Blocked part way to Gyllenspetz due to slide material.  Quad access only.

Mainland Coast

  • Kimsquit FSR (7784) – Closed
  • Kingcome FSR (5489) - Closed past 6km – no access
  • Machmell FSR (7588) - No access beyond 3km
  • Nekite FSR (8366) - Closed to all traffic beyond an ATV or UTV
  • Scott Cove FSR (8129)  - Closed
  • Sheemahant FSR (7975) - No access beyond 12km
  • South Bentick FSR – Closed