Skeena Stikine Natural Resource District Road Safety Information

Road Closures

455 Road (comes off Nilkitkwa FSR - 5897-01 at 55km)

5897-02 for 1.7km then turns into R09511 (West Fraser Mills Road Permit) up to about 21km where the Road Permit section is closed due to a bridge being removed.  Road closed signs are installed at this location on both sides as this Road Permit section turns into the Nichyeskwa North FSR at +- 24km. 

Nichyeskwa North FSR has gated access at 10.2km.  This gate is closed from May to November. 

480 Road FSR - 5897-09 (as of 1995)

20km Gate restricted.  Open during harvesting operations only.  Closed to non industrial use all year.   Goats and Grizzlies.  This gate is closed to restrict access to Mountian Goat and Grizzly Bear habitat.

Acorn Lake - Road Permit -  R09511-459 (as of 2014)

12km Gate restricted for to minimize impact on Grizzly Bear and Moose habitat, circle route prevention. 

Gate is locked from April 15 - June 30 and September 15 - November 15.  

Caribou FSR - 10998-01 (as of 2011)

Closed at +-6km Aveling Coalmine Road (public) Goathorn Creek.  Bridge removed.  No signage installed.  

Collins Main - Road Permit - R07395-07 (as of 2015)

Closed at 5km.  Culvert removed, cross ditched, road closed sign installed on town side.  Closed until further notice.

Damsumlo FSR - 9537-02 (as of 2014)

Closed at 18km due to culvert washout.  Closed until further notice.

Golden Bear Access Road  (as of 2015)

Closed at +-26km Tahltan River crossing.  100m length bridge, unsafe to all traffic.  Road closed/bridge unsafe, do not use sign installed.  No quad or pick up access beyond this point.

Klappan Rail Grade (as of 2017)

Closed at 29km due to Klappan River erosion of road.  Accessed via Ealue Lake Road Hwy #37.  Road closed sign installed, town side.

Kuldo Extension (Kuldo North Mainline, common name) - Road Permit -  R07051-01 (as of 2017)

Closed at +-55km due to Beaver activity.  Road closed sign installed on town side.  Closed until further notice.

McDonnell Road - FSR 7552-01 (as of 1995)

Gate at 54km closed to non-industrial traffic all year.  Restricts access to Seven Sisters Park.

Meed Creek 9000 Road - Road Permit - R19329-06 (as of 1995)

9km Gate restricted.  Closed to minimize access to Babine Mountain Park.  Closed to non industrial use all year.

Nichyeskwa North Connector - FSR 4985-09 (as of 2012)

10.2km closed May 1 -  Nov 1 to non industrial traffic.  Grizzly bears.  Closed.

Nilkitkwa 465 Road - Road Permit -  R09511 (as of 1995)

1km Gate restricted. Grizzly bears.  Closed at 1km to non industrial use all year.

Skeena Carrigan FSR - 7871-02  (as of 2014)

Closed at 17km Blackstock Creek.  Bridge removed, road closed sign installed on town side.  No access beyond for quad or pick up.

Suskwa FSR - 4985-01 (as of 2014)

Closed at 15km due to Madi Lii road block.  Closed until further notice.

Telkwa River 118 Road - Howson - Road Permit - R09521-118 (as of 1995) - New Caribou FSR - 10998

Gate installed. Restricted access. Caribou.  18km closed to Widlife habitat area for all traffic year round.

Upper Fulton 314 Road FSR - Road Permit - R10836-314 (as of 1995)

Gate restricted at +-2km. Closed to minimize access to Babine Mountian Park.

Wilson Creek - Road Permit - R08584-01 (as of 2016)

Closed at 7km. Unsafe bridge.  Road closed sign installed on town side of bridge.  Road will be closed at 3km bridge this spring as there is 3km and 4km bridges which will be unsafe for all traffic this year.