Prince George Natural Resource District Road Safety Information

Road Closures

Beaver 7753-1

Road Closed at 42 km. Washout, no planned repair date

Beaver-Bear Rd 7753-4

Road closed at 43.6 km. Washout, no repairs planned

Bobtail-Woodland 1771-6

Deactivated at 7 km. Washout

Bowron-Hagen 7141-4

Deactivated at 17 km. No access beyond Shannon Cr

Bowron-Indian Point 7141-1

Road closed at 95.1 km. Bridge removed.

Bowron-Tumuch 7141-2

Road closed at 45 km. Washouts due to log jam in Everett Cr

Caine Creek 7694-1

Washout at 39km.

Chuchinka-Colbourne 5506-4

Deactivated at 878.4 km. Reynolds Cr bridge removed

Chuchinka-Hambone 5506-6

Road closed at 3351.2 km. Washout, no planned repair date

Chuchinka-Table 5506-8

Deactivated at 1077 km. No access beyond this point

Docs Lake (Road Permit)

Road closed at 19.5 km for bridge replacement from 3/17/20 to 3/23/20

Greg Creek

Road closed at 14 km. Detour Pelican FSR via 25 km Rd

Greg-Chilako 5416-2

Road closed at 18.4 km. No access beyond this point. Detour Gregg Cr FSR

Hodda (Road Permit)

Road closed at 23 km. Closed due to bridge conditions

Holmes River 1749-1

Road closed at 15 km for bridge replacment from 6/8/20 to 6/20/20

Lamb Lake (Road Permit)

Road closed at 16.3 km for bridge replacement from 3/8/20 to 3/16/20

McGregor-Cargill 1817-2

Deactivated at 17.5 km. No access beyond this point

McGregor-Gleason 1817-6

Road closed at 7.4 km. Washout

McGregor-Herrick 1817-1

Road closed at 78.8 km. Creek washing out road

McGregor-Herrick 1817-1

Road closed at 94.7 km. Culvert washout

McGregor-Sande 1817-5

Road closed at 19.5 km. Brushed in, large mud holes for 16 km's

McGregor-Serveried 1817-4

Road closed at 8.9 km. Washout

McLeod-Tsilcoh 1784-1

Road closed at 1.3 km, no through traffic corridor

Portage Canyon 10440-1

Road closed at 7.5 km. Washout, no planned repair date

Stone Creek 4478-1

Closed at CN Rail crossing 1km Oct 1 2020 from 8:00 to 20:00 for repair

Takla Forest Road

Active slide.  Detour via Ness Lake Rd and McPhee Rd

Walker 3112-1

Intermittent delays at the Fraser River bridge Aug 17/20 to Aug 24/20 for bridge repairs

Walker 3112-1

Road closed at 70km. Landslide across road

Willow-Jerry 4843-10

Road closed at 573.3km.  Bridge rated to 0 tonnes.  Detour via roads east of Hixon.

Willow 4843-01

Road closed at 185km and 187km. Washout

Willow-Slender 4843-13

Road closed at 5.5km. Washout

Castle Creek Mainline 9255-1

Road closed at 7.2 km. Washed out.

Castle Creek Mainline 9255-1

Road closed at 12.4 km. Washed out; ATV access only beyond this point.

Dave Henry Mainline R14710

Road closed at 8 km. Washed out.

Dore South 8493-2

Road closed at 18.2 km. Log bridge (G3-033) washed out.

Dore South 8493-2

Washout at 14.5km.

East Twin 9124-1

Road closed at 7.9 km. Log bridge deactivated.

Goat Milk 8025-2

Wash out at 21.9 km; passable.

Lower Goat 8015-3

Bridge unsafe at 3.8km.

McBride Peak 1804-1

Road slump at 5.5km.

Mountain View 8513-1

Road slump at 1.2km.


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