Chilliwack Natural Resource District Road Safety Information

Forest Service Road Warnings and Closures

April 26, 2019 - West Harrison (Sts'ailes FSR)

Location – 12.95 (13 Km.) West Harrison (Sts’ailes FSR).

Culvert outlet erosion and separation/failure of a 3m. culvert section is compromising road prism stability. Ensure vehicle traffic tracks into the inside road surface and avoid vehicle loading on the outside road surface over and in vicinity to the culvert.   A grader berm has been established to track vehicles to the inside away from the eroding culvert outlet. The site has been flagged with orange ribbon and painted rocks.

January 7, 2019: Cypress Lake FSR (8337.01) and Radium FSR (5127.19)
The Cypress Lake and Radium Forest Service Roads have been retired. For further details see the FSR Discontinue and Closure Information

November 23, 2018: Lost Creek and Lost Murdo Forest Service Roads
Due to heavy rainfall, a landslide crossed over Lost Murdo and Lost Creek Forest Service Roads. Unstable terrain is still present. DO NOT STOP at 1.5 km on Lost Creek FSR and at 1.2 km on Murdo FSR.  For further details see this report:

June 20, 2018: East Anderson Forest Service Road
Please be advised that there is no vehicle access beyond 22.5 km on East Anderson Forest Service Road due to a rock slide.

May 22, 2018: Spuzzum Forest Service Road
Please be advised that there is no vehicle access beyond 16.8km on Spuzzum FSR due to a road washout.

November 6, 2017: Tshileuh Forest Service Road
Please be advised that there is no vehicle access beyond 4.4 km on Tsileuh FSR.

Downrated Structures

Please see this table for recent notifications regarding downrated structures in the Chilliwack Natural Resource District.

Resource Road Radio Channels

For information of RR channels assigned to Forest Service Roads in the Chilliwack Forest District, please visit the Chilliwack District FSR Access web map.

Structure Inspection Reports

Structure inspection reports for the Chilliwack Natural Resource District are available to view and download from this FTP location.  Please be advised that road users must inspect and ascertain for themselves the condition of the structure prior to use.

Engagement with First Nations for Road Maintenance Activities

When ground disturbance is expected to happen while carrying out road maintenance activities on Forest Service Roads (i.e. new road construction, road re-alignment, road deactivation) and the ground disturbance may pose a potential impact to Indigenous Interests, Licensees are advised to notify the District Manager (DM) of the proposed/ongoing road maintenance activities. Please see the latest Road Use Permit (RUP) Obligations and Expectations Letter.

Forest Service Road Renaming Project

For information on FSR names that have been renamed please see the Chilliwack Forest District FSR Renaming Part 1. A final list of the remaining new names will be posted as Part 2 at a later date.

Forest Service Road Permits

For detailed information of Permits on Forest Service Roads, please visit the Chilliwack Permitting Website.