100 Mile House Natural Resource District road safety information

Road notices and warnings

Boss Creek FSR 8610.01​
Temporary radio frequency change from RR1 to RR20 to mitigate possible confusing radio traffic during a busy hauling period in the area.

Elephant Hill and Allie Lake Wildfire Areas
The closure to off road motorized vehicles has ended, however, there are still restrictions in place regarding hunting in this area. It is the responsibility of hunters to be aware of local restrictions. Visit the BC hunting page for more information.

Road closures and restrictions

Map of current closures in the Cariboo Natural Resource Region

Green Lake-Pressey FSR 7357.01
Road is closed at 9.5 km (near Olsen's Flats) due to flooding.

Gustafsen Lake FSR 1100 Rd
Road is closed at 0 - 21km to ensure public safety and to facilitate wildfire fighting operations.

Gustafsen/Dog Creek FSR 1100 Rd
Road is closed at 0 - 16.5km to ensure public safety to facilitate wildfire fighting operations. 

McDonald-Takagi FSR 7376.02 (August 16, 2021)
Road closed at 0 - 3 km due to salvage operations and road repairs. Estimated reopening August 31, 2021. Please note that this FSR accesses the Howard Lake Recreation site (REC2530).

Spout-Oie FSR 6411.01 (December 3, 2020)
Road washout at approximately 7 km (impassable). Closed until further notice.