Haida Gwaii Natural Resource District road safety information

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Road notices and warnings

Queen Charlotte Mainline Reduced Load Rating. August 26, 2020
Effective August 26, 2020, the road load limit for the Queen Charlotte Mainline (South) is 64 tonnes (BCL625). This load limit applies to the Queen Charlotte Mainline (South) from 6 to 7 km. This load limit corresponds to BC highway legal loads. Contact the Haida Gwaii Natural Resource District Office for more information.

Licensee Contact Information

Many of the forestry roads on Haida Gwaii are managed by the licensee of the area. The contact information below can be used with radio channel map to determine the best contact for updated road information.

Licensee Contact Information
Licensee Area Contact Name Phone Number Email
Husby Forest Products Ltd. TSA Robert Sandberg 604-940-1234 info@husby.bc.ca
A&A Trading (Haida Gwaii) Ltd TFL58 Shane Simard 250-914-1350 SSimard@aatrading.com
Taan Forest LP TFL60, A87661   250 559-2337 info@taanforest.com

Road closures and restrictions

Rennell FSR (8229.02). July 23, 2021

The Haida Gwaii Natural Resource District has completed repairs to several locations on the Rennell Sound FSR and is now preparing to make major repairs to the most heavily damaged site at the 11km mark.

Road repair works have been contracted to Skidegate Inlet Construction Ltd.  and are scheduled to commence on August 3rd.   We are unable to provide an estimated opening date due to the nature of the works and challenges of the site.

Road users are asked to avoid travelling past the 1km mark to prevent conflicts with heavy equipment operating in the area.

Bridge information

Bridge inspection reports:

Road deactivation - proposed

The following Forest Service Roads (FSRs) have been declared redundant to industrial needs and are being proposed for permanent deactivation. Vehicular access will not be possible. Please review the attached maps and send any questions or comments to the Haida Gwaii Natural Resource District Office.

New: May 20, 2021