Nadina Natural Resource District road safety information

Road notices and warnings

North Road FSR 7543.01 (March 26, 2021) - Safety Alert
Currently there is a collaborative effort to address two areas of instability on along the North Road FSR between 3km and 4km. To minimize risk, traffic has been limited to one lane, and at reduced speed.

The areas are being monitored. Closures maybe applied with little advance warning if required to maintain public safety. Please be cautious when travelling through that section.

Any concerns, please contact

Road closures and restrictions

  • There are no roads closed at this time

Work in progress/upcoming works

Maxan Rd (Road Permit R15560-01) (October 4 - 8, 2021)
Maxan Rd will be closed to traffic at 9.1 km for a structure replacement, from October 4th 2021, until October 8, 2021. No vehicle access will be available until the new installation is complete.

Morice River FSR 9947.01 (Peacock Creek) (Starting Monday September 20, 2021)
The existing structure at 7km on the Morice River FSR (Peacock Creek) is going to be replaced with a bridge. Construction of the bridge is planned to start on Monday September 20th. 

A work bridge is going to be installed as a detour for traffic so the road will not be closed or shut down for industrial use. The work bridge will be a single lane structure so there may be delays at the location.  It is not clear if flaggers or a traffic light will be used to ensure safe passage but we ask that all road users slow down and obey any signage/workers as they travel through this worksite.