Thompson Rivers Natural Resource District Road Safety Information


Elephant Hill Wildfire Area
Closed to use by motorized vehicles, except on existing roads. Effective May 17, 2018 to December 31, 2018.


Road Closures

Discontinued and Closed FSRs (Updated Regularly)

Arrowstone FSR 8735 (As of May 2, 2018)
Closed at 1.5km due to washout. Closed until further notice.
Battle Creek FSR 8452.01
Closed at 4km until further notice due to washout.
Cayenne FSR 7458.17
Closed at 1km due to unsafe bridges
Fennel Creek FSR 0562.06
Closed at 5.5km until further notice due to a slide
Gold Creek FSR
Closed until further notice. South east end of Adams Lake. Multiple washouts and recently discovered landslide will require ground level assessment.
Gorman Lake FSR
Closed until further notice. Large impassable washout at 14km.
Peddie Mountain FSR 
Closed until further notice. Washout at 0.7km.
Saskum Lake FSR
Closed at 32.2km until further notice due to landslide.