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Road notices and warnings

Adams Lake West FSR 7458.01
Due to an emergency maintenance project on Adams the road will be closed between 6am and 7pm between November 11 and November 13. No access during this time frame.

For information on motor vehicle prohibited areas due to Wildfires visit Motor Vehicle Prohibitions - Province of British Columbia (

For information on local hunting restrictions visit Hunting & Trapping Regulations Synopsis - Province of British Columbia (  

Work in progress/upcoming works

O’Connor Lake FSR 8593.01 (Summer 2024)
Deactivation planned from 16km to 19km.

Road closures and restrictions

Adams Lake West FSR 7458.01 (September 19, 2023)
Adams Lake West FSR Road from 0km to 18km was heavily impacted by wildfire. Do NOT stop between 0 and 18km. NO ACCESS during rain events.

Albreda FSR  8421.01 (November 04, 2020)
Closed at 5.85 km due to sink hole and fill slope failure.

Arrowstone FSR 8735 (May 2, 2018)
Closed at 1.5km until further notice due to washout.

Avery-Jones FSR 3631.02  
Closed at 5.7 km due to a failed log box culvert. 

Battle Creek FSR 8452.01
Permanently closed from 3km to 5km 

Cahility FSR 4482.01 (June 26, 2023)
Road closed at 14.1km due to washout.

Caribou Mountain FSR 9137.01 (July 5, 2022)
Road closed until further notice due to large sink hole at 20.0 km.  We anticipate this closure will extend into August as assessments and remedial works are planned; for road users requiring access beyond 20.0 km the recommended travel is through Goat Slough Road.

Clemina FSR 8420.01
Closed due to washed out bridge at 4.8km.

Gold Creek FSR 8774.01
Closed until further notice south east end of Adams Lake due to multiple washouts and a recently discovered landslide will require ground level assessment.

Gollen FSR 7458.09
Closed at 8km due to washout

Gum Creek FSR 731.03
Road closed at 6.5 km due to unsafe retaining wall. 

Home Cabin Lake FSR 8553.21
Closed at 7.8km until further notice due to a washout.

Oliver Creek FSR 5072.10
Closed until further notice due to land side.

Road 6 FSR 7669.06 (October 18, 2023)
Road 6 Forest Service Road is permanently closed at 15km (approximately 1km past Moira Lake) due to a collapsed box culvert. There is no replacement planned at this time.

Rogers Range FSR 8412.31
Closed until further notice due to slump at 2.5km.

Rogers Range FSR 8412.11
Closed until further notice due to unsafe bridges.

Saskum Lake FSR 0562.05
Closed until further notice beyond the Saskum Lake Recreation Site at 33.7km due to an unsafe structure.

Bridge information

Information and inspection records can be accessed through the Corporate Bridge Register. If you do not already have access to this tool, please contact the Thompson Rivers Resource District at

Road deactivation

Discontinued and Closed FSRs with BCTS (Updated Regularly)

Road use permit application process

Research road channel updates

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