Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District road safety information

Take precautions on resource roads following atmospheric river events. Users are advised many forest service roads across B.C. as well as in the Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District have not been assessed for safe use following recent atmospheric river events.

Warnings, evacuation orders, and road closures may still be in place. Be aware of potential risks of flooding and landslides while travelling on forest service roads and resource roads in the Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District.

When planning work, travel or recreation in the backcountry, consider potential road damage and avoid activity near watercourses and steep areas that may be prone to landslides. It is recommended to postpone work, travel or recreation in the backcountry in storm-affected areas until conditions can be assessed from a safe distance, and to not travel at night during storm and flood conditions.

Road closures and warnings

  • There are no closures at this time.

Large district maps:

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