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Road notices and warnings

FSRs Closed Due to Wildfires (August 2021)

  • Pasayten FSR
  • Copper Creek FSR
  • Placer FSR
  • Sunday Summit FSR
  • Whipsaw FSR
  • Deep Gulch FSR
  • Road Permit R07751 sections:
    • Section 43-5
    • Section 43-10
    • Section 43-23
    • Section 53300

Maka Murray FSR (June 9, 2021)
The Maka Murray FSR will be closed to all traffic at 3km from the Coldwater road from July 15 to August 31, 2021.  This is to facilitate the removal of the existing culverts and the installation of a new bridge.
There is no access to Gillis Lake Rec Site from the Coldwater road.  Gillis Lake can be accessed from the Juliet exit on the Coquihalla Highway via the southern end of the Make Murray FSR or off the Spius road system via the Maka North FSR.

Mud FSR 5496 (Updated June 9, 2021)
The slide at 98.5 km is still impacting the road, there is a trail cut in the toe that allows pickup travel past the slide. However, as it is an active slide we do say that road users should use the road at their own risk and to be prepared in case the slide moves again and blocks travel in or out.

Please leave yourself time if travelling through this area in case you are required to use the alternate route.  If you have any questions or require information regarding the alternate route, please contact BJ Moore, Engineering Officer at 250-378-8448 or

Yalakom River FSR 7649.01 (updated June 9, 2021)
Several sections with rock and cut bank sloughs on the road. Travel not recommended beyond 60 km.

Road closures and restrictions

Hurley River North 10194.01 (June 9, 2021)
For current conditions please visit website for the most current information. Note: this is a public maintained website, not updated by the province.

Leon Creek 5848.03 (Updated June 9, 2021)
Road closed at approximately 1.5 km due to slide. Closed until further notice.

Skuhun Creek FSR 0814.01 (Updated June 9, 2021)
Road closed with a barricade due to washout at 20 km. Closed until further notice.

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