Resource road radio channel maps

Last updated: April 15, 2021

The B.C. government recommends that those that use mobile radios on provincial natural resource roads have the full bank of standard resource road radio channels, programmed in the standard format by commercial radio technicians. It is discouraged to have select channels programmed into mobile radios as channel assignment may change without notice.

Areas of the province may be in transition to the standard bank of radio channels, it is recommended that users retain previously used frequencies until they are no longer required.

Those using mobile radios to communicate location and direction are advised that most resource roads are "radio assisted" where use of mobile radios is not mandatory and as such should drive, at all times, safely according to road and weather conditions and not to solely rely on radio communications.

Where posted, road users using mobile radios must use the posted channels and call protocols.

Channel assignment maps

The posted channel assignment maps are planning tools. The maps should not be relied upon for appropriate channel selection in the field. In some cases, the channel assignments on the maps have not been implemented on the ground.

The resource road radio channel maps are for information only. Users using mobile radios while communicating location and direction on resource roads must use radio channels and frequencies that are posted. Posted radio channels and frequencies will supersede those on any map; radio channel signage in the field will govern over the maps at all times.


To implement the standard bank of radio channels, specified areas of the B.C. landbase have been mapped with resource road radio channel assignments. The channels have been distributed across the province to minimize radio interference.

Learn how the radio channel assignment maps were developed: