Highway 17 Keating Cross Overpass Project

Highway 17 Keating Cross Overpass Project Artist Rendering

The Highway 17 Keating Cross Road “Flyover” Overpass Project will allow vehicles to travel this busy corridor more safely and efficiently, helping keep local businesses competitive and promote regional economic growth.

The project will replace the northbound left turn onto Keating Cross Road with a “flyover” overpass, eliminating the need to turn across busy highway traffic and reducing congestion. Other features of the project include:

  • Widening of Keating Cross Road to support additional traffic
  • Installation of a new sidewalk on Keating Cross Road to boost safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Installation of bus-on-shoulder facilities that support future plans for bus rapid transit on the Pat Bay Highway
  • Realignment of the southbound on-ramp to Victoria
  • Closure of the Highway 17 access at:
    • East Saanich Road
    • Martindale Road

Project cost

The total project budget is $76.8 million with contributions from the following:

  • $57.6 million: Province of British Columbia
  • $16.7 million: The Government of Canada through the Provincial Territorial Infrastructure Component – National and Regional Projects (PTIC-NRP)
  • $2.5 million: District of Central Saanich


Detailed design is nearing completion and construction is targeted to start in the fall of 2022 and is anticipated to complete in the Spring of 2025.  


The project is a priority identified in the South Island Transportation Strategy, an integrated approach to travel choices by increasing the infrastructure needed to build connections, capacity, improve safety and the choices for sustainable travel. This project will:

  • Improve safety
  • Improve traffic flow and travel times along Highway 17
  • Reduce idling times and related air emissions
  • Better accommodate growing traffic demands
  • Relieve existing vehicle congestion, allowing people to spend less time in traffic 
  • Improve access for neighbourhoods and businesses in the Keating area including the Keating Business Park, which supports over 3,000 jobs

Other traffic studies for the Highway 17 corridor and the rest of Vancouver Island are available at Vancouver Island & South Coast Reports & Studies.

Public Consultation

Project Design

3D animations of the of the proposed project 

Keating Cross Overpass Keating WB


Keating Cross Overpass Keating EB


Keating Cross Overpass Flyover


Keating Cross Overpass Hwy 17 SB


Keating Cross Overpass Hwy 17 NB