Taft Creek Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Taft Creek Bridge

Taft Creek bridge on Highway 37 is located between Meziadin Junction and Bell ll. The bridge requires a new concrete deck and repairs to Pier 3 to maintain safety, reliability and extend the life of the crossing.

Taft Creek bridge spans Taft Creek approximately 200 m upstream of the confluence of Taft Creek and the Bell Irving River. Highway 37 serves as an essential link though Northwestern B.C. The underside of the bridge is showing progressive deterioration due to water leakage through the existing timber deck. Replacing the timber deck with new pre-cast concrete panels will prevent further deterioration and extend the life of the bridge. Repairs to Pier 3 due to high flow damage will also be undertaken to maintain safe and reliable operation of the crossing.



Project Benefits

The project will:

  • Replace existing timber deck with new pre-cast concrete deck panels
  • Replace existing damaged piles at Pier 3 with new steel pipe piles
  • Extend the life of the bridge
  • Improve reliability for users and communities


The anticipated tender schedule is December 2020, subject to change.


View the public notice under the Canadian Navigable Waters Act.