Dawson Creek 8th Street Structure Replacement

artist rendering of 8th street structure

This project will replace the 8th Street Bridge, located on 8th Street (Highway 2) in the City of Dawson Creek.

The original 8th Street structure was comprised of 3 culverts which experienced significant damage in the 2016 Peace Flood Event. High water and debris clogged the three culverts at this crossing, requiring a replacement structure. These improvements will provide increased safety and mobility for residents and the traveling public.

During construction, a temporary detour bridge will be installed on the upstream side of the bridge to act as a detour to ensure safe and effective traffic movement. The detour for the project will be 2 lanes – one lane in each direction for the entire life cycle of the project which is until approximately Spring 2023.


The Construction Contractor is finalizing construction of the Stage 1 Bridge and will aim to pave the approaches to the new bridge during the first week of November.

New street lighting will be installed at the site in early November as well, and the new bridge will be open to traffic in mid to late November.

Over the winter, the detour bridge will be decommissioned. Pile driving for the Stage 2 Bridge and in-stream works will continue until Spring 2022.

Bridge construction for the Stage 2 Bridge will continue for the remainder of the year 2022.

Project Benefits

The high-level scope of our project is to:

  • Provide improvements to Highway 2 by replacing the existing culverts with a bridge that improves the hydraulic capacity of the creek. The scope also includes relocation of existing utilities across the creek, improving pedestrian connectivity with widened sidewalks, and a pathway below the bridge.


  • In-stream works will take place from Summer to Winter 2021
  • Park restoration will take place over Winter 2021
  • Bridge construction will continue in 2022
  • The project is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2023

Project Design

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