Cariboo-Chilcotin Natural Resource District Road Safety Information

Proposed Roads

Anahim Connector Route
The public was invited to comment on a proposed connector road between the communities of Vanderhoof and Anahim Lake. The ministry is consulting with First Nations, stakeholders and the public, as well as undertaking environmental, heritage and recreation reviews before making a decision on whether to proceed with construction.

Kluskus Connector Route
The public is invited to comment on a proposal to build a connector road between the Quesnel Natural Resource District and the Stuart Nechako Natural Resource District.

Road Closures

Map of current closures in the Cariboo Natural Resource Region

  • Clusko-Aneko (4600 Road): Road is open to four-by-fours beyond 72 km with minor washouts and flooded sections. 
  • Elkin-Lord River Forest Service Road (Lord River Road): Road sustained damage in 2019 and is accessibly to four-by-fours only. There is no timeline for repairs.
  • Fish Lake Forest Service Road: Road sustained damage in 2019 and is accessibly to four-by-fours only. There is no timeline for repairs.
  • Mosley Creek Forest Service Road: Road closed at 6.6 km (gate location) and beyond due to safety issues.  Emergency bridge closure at 15.1 km, Hell Raving Creek. The structure has been downrated to zero tonnes due to non-standard construction and deterioration of components. No access is permitted beyond 6.6 km. There is no timeline for repairs.
  • Mud Creek Forest Service Road: Road is closed to traffic due to washouts. There is no timeline for repairs. 
  • Yanks Peak Forest Service Road: Emergency bridge closure at 11.2 km ("French Snow Shoe Creek" crossing). Structure has been downgraded to a zero tonnes rating due to an abutment rotational failure. No access is permitted. There is no timeline for repairs. 

Permanent Closures

  • Moffat-Lake - Spokin Forest Service Road: This route has been deactivated. ATV use only. Barricades have been placed at the point of entry, the road has been cross-ditched and the bridge at 1.5 km across Borland Creek has been removed.
  • Harvey’s Creek Forest Service Road (9600 Road):  This road has been permanently deactivated from 15 km to its terminus at 16.3 km. An additional deactivation from 11 km to 15 km will also take place this year (2019). The remaining road (0 to 11 km) will be reclassified as a wilderness road. Wilderness roads receive a level of maintenance that generally precludes the authorization of industrial use permits. For further information about these changes please contact Brian Rogers, Woodlands Manager for BCTS Cariboo-Chilcotin, at 250-398-4345.