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A site map listing all the strata housing pages and numbered for your convenience.

Popular topics and major headings are bolded.

0. COVID-19 and strata housing
     a. COVID-19 information for strata housing including electronic meetings, precautions and ventilation
     b. COVID-19 links for strata housing

1. Understanding stratas
          a. Living in a strata is not the same as living in non-strata titled housing
          b. Kinds of strata: there are many types of strata housing and strata property development
          c. Common property and limited common property
          d. Exclusive use of common property

2. Operating a strata
          a. Roles and responsibilities in stratas
                  i. Strata owners have legal responsibilities
                 ii. Strata councils: elected members govern strata corporations
                iii. Strata property managers
                        A. Strata management services: choose all, many or some services
                        B. Giving direction to strata managers and resolving concerns 
                        C. The strata management contract: a key element
                        D. Strata property manager licensing
                 iv. Strata corporations: the formal legal entity for strata housing and other types of strata properties

          b. Sections and types in stratas
                  i. Sections
                 ii. Types

         c. Strata meetings and strata voting
                i. Preparing for a strata general meeting (AGM or SGM)
               ii. Conducting an annual or special general meeting in a strata
              iii. The strata voting process including proxy votes and quorum
              iv. Types of strata voting: majority, 3/4, 80% and unanimous
              v. Strata council meetings and how owners cans ask for a hearing

       d. Information and record keeping in stratas

       e. Strata bylaws and rules
              i. Strata bylaws and rules explained
             ii. Amending strata bylaws and rules: creating, changing and deleting bylaws and rules
            iii. Enforcing strata bylaws and rules: warnings, hearings and fines
            Note: Rental restriction bylaws in stratas are no longer allowed and web page has been removed
             iv. Age-restriction bylaws
             v. Strata non-smoking bylaws
            vi. Strata pet-restriction bylaws
           vii. Strata short-term rental bylaws

       f. Strata finances and insurance
             i. some financial best practices for strata corporations
            ii. Budgeting and strata fees
           iii. Common expenses in strata corporations
           iv. Unit entitlement how strata fees and special levies are allocated
           v. The contingency reserve fund (CRF) for long term expenses
           vi. Special levies to pay for unexpected expenses
          vii. Insurance for strata corporations and insurance for strata owners and renters

     g. Strata repairs and maintenance
            i. Handling emergencies in strata corporations
           ii. Paying for repairs and maintenance
          iii. Strata depreciation reports
                  A. Strata depreciation report requirements, what is legally required
                  B. Strata depreciation reports: practical tips
                  C. Choosing a depreciation report provider
           iv. Division of repair duties in a strata
            v. Strata repair and maintenance documentation
           vi. Doing repair and maintenance work in a strata

3. Resolving strata disputes
       a. Resolving disputes within the strata
       b. Using the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) to help resolve many strata disputes and small claims less than $5,000
       c. Going to court
       d. Arbitration
4. Renting, buying and selling strata
      a. Renting in stratas
           i. Landlords and strata corporations
          ii. Tenants in stratas 

      b. Buying and selling strata
             i. Paperwork for buyers and sellers including:
                    A. Form B: the Information Certificate
                    B. Form F: the Certificate of Payment
            ii. Strata parking and storage
           iii. New strata developments
           iv. First time strata owners
5. Termination or winding up of strata corporations

6. Strata legislation and changes
      a. Strata legislation and related legislation
      b. Changes to strata legislation

7. More strata help and support
       a. Subscribing for updates to strata housing website
       b. Getting legal advice
       C. Strata associations: support for strata residents
       c. More strata resources and FAQ
       d. Strata housing website purpose and limitations (disclaimer)
       e. Strata guides (28 archived pdf guides, not current)
       d. Glossary of strata terms

8. Find it fast (the page you're on now, the strata housing site map)

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