Division of repair duties in a strata

Strata corporations must maintain and repair common property and assets. Sections and types within a strata corporation may also be responsible for some maintenance and repair.

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Strata corporation repair duties
Strata council delegation
Strata lot owner repair duties

Strata corporation repair duties

Strata corporations, through the strata council, must do the following for good maintenance and repair:

  • Have a current depreciation report as per the legal requirements.
  • Maintain, repair and renew common property and assets such as: building envelopes, parkades, landscaping, roads, utilities and much more. 
  • Budget for repair, maintenance and renewal work.

Strata corporations, through the strata council, should do the following for good maintenance and repair:

  • Have regular physical inspections of buildings and assets.
  • Ensure that maintenance and repair work is completed, inspected and documented.
  • Gather, update and secure maintenance documents including “handover” material from the developer. It is important to have a good system in place as strata council members and strata management companies change.
  • Communicate regularly with owners about maintenance and repairs. For example, some strata corporations do this as part of an information session for owners and residents six weeks or so before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Develop a maintenance plan.
  • Decide what process will be used to obtain a depreciation report. Some strata corporation may have bylaws that specify how contracts are awarded or what process is used.
  • Assign responsibility for maintenance and repair. Have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for maintenance, repairs and renewal work. The work will need to be assigned, coordinated, monitored, documented and evaluated. 
  • Communicate to owners who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of limited common property (for example, annual maintenance of balconies) and items in strata lots (for example, hot water tanks) and ensure that this work is done.
  • Provide access and secure assets. 

Strata council delegation

The strata council (or section executive) may decide to delegate some, most, or all of its maintenance and repair work depending on what specific skills and expertise are needed for that strata corporation (or section).

Skills could be obtained from a committee of owners, the strata property manager, staff, contractors or consultants or some combination of these. 

Strata lot owner repair duties

Strata lot owners must do the following for good maintenance and repair:

  • Know what parts of the strata lot that strata lots owners are responsible to maintain or repair (for example, plumbing within the strata lot in some strata corporations), or what parts of limited common property they are responsible to maintain or repair (for example, annual maintenance of patios and balconies in some strata corporations). 
  • Pay for repairs and maintenance from the annual operating fund, the contingency reserve fund or special levies. Note: strata owners in sections or some types of strata lots may be responsible for the maintenance and repair of common property and limited common property related to their section or type.
  • Where required in the bylaws, owners and/or tenants must provide access to their homes so that maintenance personnel can carry out their tasks. Reasonable notice must be provided to residents. The Bare Land Strata Regulations provide that there must be easements registered to ensure that the strata corporation has the right to enter strata lots in order to install, repair, maintain or replace any pipes or lines that are laid on or udner a strata lot.

Strata lot owners should do the following for good maintenance and repair:

  • Read the depreciation report and understand the projected costs to maintain, repair and renew buildings and assets over a 30 year time span and how these will be funded.
  • Know the common property, buildings and assets for which the strata corporation is responsible.
  • Notify the appropriate person (often a strata council member and/or the strata property manager) if there is a maintenance problem with the common property, adjoining decks and balconies or within the strata lot to proactively address any emerging problems.
  • Contribute to preventive maintenance and saving for future expenses. A well-maintained property with a healthy contingency reserve fund is worth more when the time comes to sell and is less expensive to maintain over the long run.

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