Strata associations

Strata associations provide helpful information to strata residents, councils and other strata stakeholders.

Strata associations offer lots of strata-related information and services. Much of this information is freely available on the associations’ websites. Other information, including seminars and workshops, is provided to members or is available at low-cost to members. 

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CHOA (Condominium  Home Owners Association)
VISOA (Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association)
CCI Vancouver Chapter (Canadian Condominium Institute)

CHOA  (Condominium Home Owners Association) 

CHOA is a non-profit association that promotes the understanding of strata property living and the interests of strata property owners by providing advisory services, education, advocacy, publications and resources and support for its members. CHOA actively assists its members, and the strata industry, to ensure strata living is a positive experience.

CHOA membership includes strata corporations, individual owners, businesses that serve the strata industry, strata related associations and governmental agencies from all across British Columbia.

With offices located in New Westminster (Lower Mainland), Victoria (Vancouver Island) and Kelowna (B.C. Interior & North) CHOA is able to assist all types of strata corporations in all areas of B.C.

Learn more about CHOA.

VISOA  (Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association) 

VISOA is an independent, non-profit organization that was formed in 1973 and is supported solely by membership fees. It provides services to all stratas in B.C. and has an office in Victoria and a website. Membership is open to all residential strata corporations registered with the B.C. Land Title Office.  


  • Provides information to assist strata lot owners and strata councils in the management of their strata corporations.
  • Advances the interests of strata corporations and strata lot owners to provincial, regional and municipal governments.
  • Provides information and offers educational seminars on all aspects of strata management.

Learn more about VISOA.

CCI  Vancouver Chapter (Canadian Condominium Institute)

CCI is an independent, non-profit organization formed in 1982; the Vancouver Chapter was formed in September 2002. CCI encourages all interest groups to work together to create a successful and viable condominium (strata) sector. 

It is the only national association to serve as a clearing house and research centre on condominium issues. It assists members in establishing and operating successful condominium corporations through education, information sharing, workshops and technical assistance.

Learn more about CCI Vancouver Chapter.

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