Paperwork for strata buyers and sellers

It is important to review all relevant strata documentation when buying a strata property, such as information about the strata corporation and the strata lot including money a strata lot owner may owe to the strata corporation. 

There are several ways for strata purchasers or potential purchasers can get information about the strata lot and strata corporation before they buy.

Owners are entitled to receive information from the strata corporation including: minutes (strata council meetings, AGM and SGM); the strata corporation’s bylaws and rules; financial statements, information related to repairs and maintenance and more. An owner, or person authorized in writing by a strata lot owner, may request access to the records. Learn more about what information owners are entitled to in information and record keeping.  

Some documents, such as new and amended bylaws and the strata plan and its amendments, must be filed at the Land Title Office. Every strata corporation has a general index with any amended strata bylaws, court orders, or special resolutions which can indicate changes to bylaws or common property, airspace parcel agreements and sketch plans which can indicate changes to common property and designating limited common property. It is a good idea to review information available through the Land Title Office. 

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