Strata housing

Strata properties are a popular housing choice in B.C. for the convenience, security, added amenities and good value. An estimated1.5 million people live in strata housing. Strata housing can include: condos, townhouses, duplexes, even single family homes in bare land strata corporations ("strata subdivisions").  


Strata corporations and British Columbia's response to COVID-19.

Understanding stratas

In strata housing, the owners own their individual strata lots and together own the common property and common assets as a strata corporation. Learn more about strata housing.

Operating a strata

Learn more about the legal requirements for operating a strata corporation. Strata council members, owners and tenants have important roles and responsibilities. 

Resolving disputes

Strata disputes can be resolved within the strata corporation, using the Civil Resolution Tribunal, going to court or through arbitration.

Renting, buying & selling

Learn more about buying, selling and renting in stratas. All stratas have bylaws which may govern many different aspects of living in strata housing. For example, strata bylaws may restrict or ban pets, short-term rentals or smoking


Strata corporations can now terminate (wind up and cancel the strata plan) with an 80% vote of all owners, instead of the previous unanimous voting requirement.

Legislation and changes

All strata owners and residents must follow strata legislation and the strata's bylaws and rules.

More help and support

Find more help and support including: subscribing for updates to the Province's strata housing website, options for getting legal advice, strata homeowner associations, the archived strata guides, and the strata housing website's purpose and limits.

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