Types in stratas

Through a bylaw, a strata corporation (or section) may create certain types of strata lots. This page provides some basic information about types as a starting point.

Sections and types are different; types have a much more limited scope than sections

The creation of different types of strata lots does not create sections. Sections are “mini strata  corporations” with their own executive, budget and other powers and duties. Unlike sections, different types of strata lots do not have their own executive, budget and bylaws. 

A type of strata lot is a method of allocating common operating fund expenses to certain strata lots in a strata corporation (or section) budget.  This can only occur if:

  • the bylaws recognize different types of strata lots
  • the contribution relates to, and benefits, only one type of strata lot.

The Strata Property Act does not define what constitutes a type of strata lot. A bylaw identifying types can therefore distinguish strata lots in a variety of ways based on the features of the strata lots. 

For example, if a strata corporation contains ten strata lots with gas fireplaces and ten strata lots without gas fireplaces, then the operating fund expenses for fireplaces (e.g. the monthly gas bill) could be allocated to just the ten strata lots with fireplaces.

Strata Property Act: 72, 100, 108, 127, 190-198
Strata Property Regulations: 6.4, 11.1 through 11.3

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