Strata guides (archived)

Last updated on January 18, 2021

This page lists 28 Instruction Guides on B.C.'s strata legislation. 

The Guides are archived for historical reference and have not been updated since 2013.

For current information, please refer to the other pages on this strata housing website

Roles and Responsibilities of:

Owner Developers (Guide 2)
Strata Corporations (Guide 3)
Strata Councils (Guide 4)
Strata Lot Owners (Guide 5)
Tenants and Landlords in Stratas (Guide 6)

Annual general meetings & voting:

How to Prepare for an AGM (Guide 7)
How to Conduct an AGM (Guide 8)
Voting (Guide 9)

Financial Information:

Strata Corporation Finances and Budgeting (Guide 10)
How to Apportion Expenses (Guide 11)
Depreciation Reports (Guide 12)


How to Create or Amend Bylaws and Rules (Guide 13)
How to Enforce Bylaws and Rules (Guide 14)
Rentals Permitted within a Strata Corporation (Guide 15)
Age Restriction Bylaws (Guide 16)
Pet Bylaws (Guide 17)

General Administration:

Limited Common Property and Short Term Exclusive Use Arrangements of Common Property (Guide 18)
How To Alter Unit Entitlement (Guide 19)
Who is Responsible for Repairs (Guide 20)
Record Keeping (Guide 21)
Certificates of Payment (Guide 22)
Information Certificates (Guide 23)
Contracting with a Strata Manager (Guide 24)
Sections in Strata Corporations (Guide 28)
Parking Spaces and Storage Lockers (Guide 29)

Disputes in Strata Corporations:

Resolving Complaints (Guide 25)
Arbitration (Guide 26)
Court Actions (Guide 27)

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The content on this website is periodically reviewed and updated by the Province of British Columbia as per the date noted on each page: the strata housing guides were last updated in 2013; current information is provided on the Province's strata housing website pages.