Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board Notices

The Emergency Health Services Act empowers the EMA Licensing Board to investigate complaints regarding paramedics and first responders. In addition, the Act also empowers the Board to make rules governing its own procedure.

Under the Board rules, notices for citations, extraordinary actions taken to protect the public, undertaking agreements, alternate dispute resolutions, Board hearing decisions and Board penalty decisions must be posted to the website.


Citations - Notice of Upcoming Hearings

Under the EMA Licensing Board Rules notice of upcoming hearings are posted at least 14 days before the discipline hearing and will be removed once the hearing is completed, if the hearing is cancelled, if the Board deems the hearing no longer necessary or the hearing is superseded by an agreement between the Board and the respondent.

Ryan Cooper September 19-20, 2022

David McKinstry July 5 & 6, 2022

Galen Brewer May 16, 2022

Cassey Irvine April 5 & 6, 2022

Cory Landry September 20 & 21, 2021

Gayle Ryon May 11 & 12, 2021


Notice of Extraordinary Actions to Protect the Public

If the licensing board considers the action necessary to protect the public during the investigation of an emergency medical assistant or until a hearing of the licensing board, it may (a) set limits or conditions on the practice of the profession by the emergency medical assistant, or (b) suspend the licence of the emergency medical assistant.

Jason Christopher Caron May 18, 2023

Inderjit Aujala March 3, 2023

Jason Todd John Stoodley August 17, 2022

Alternate Dispute Resolutions

The Board may enter into a consent agreement with a respondent that requires the person under investigation to do one or more of the following: (a) undertake not to repeat the conduct to which the matter relates; (b) undertake to take educational courses or other remedial action as specified by the Board on the conditions that it directs; (c) consent to a reprimand; (d) undertake or consent to any other action specified by the Board.

Klyne Postnikoff November 3, 2022

Joel Nervais September 27, 2022

John Eric Taavo Martin July 21, 2022

Charles Wood May 30, 2022

Alyson Mary Banner November 05, 2021

Mitchell Brett Maurer November 05, 2021

Lawrence D Bowen October 22, 2021


Hearing Decisions

At a hearing the Board may determine that the respondent: (a) has incompetently carried out the duties of an emergency medical assistant, (b) has breached a term or condition of their licence, or (c) suffers from a physical ailment, emotional disturbance or an addiction to alcohol or drugs that materially impairs their ability to act as an emergency medical assistant.

2021/22 Continuing Competence

Ryan Cooper January 27, 2023

Cassie Irvine September 14, 2022

Galen Brewer September 6, 2022

David McKinstry August 31, 2022

Cory David Joseph Landry March 18, 2022


Penalty Decisions

If the Board has made one or more determinations at a hearing, it may do one or more of the following: (a) impose conditions on the person's licence; (b) suspend the licence for a term the licensing board considers appropriate; (c) revoke the licence;  or (d) bar the person from being licensed under this Act for a period the licensing board considers appropriate.

Ryan Cooper June 14, 2023

2021/22 Continuing Competence - Exams

2021/22 Continuing Competence - Suspend

2021/22 Continuing Competence - Revoke

Galen Brewer January 27, 2023

Cassey Irvine January 27, 2023

David McKinstry November 3, 2022

Cory David Joseph Landry July 20, 2022

Kristina Margaret Aason January 5, 2022

Michael G Pascoe February 3, 2022