Licensing Board/Branch Policies

The Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board approves policy within its legal authority under the Emergency Health Services Act and Emergency Medical Assistants Regulation.


EMALB 2014-12 IV Start Requirement (PDF, 300KB)

EMALB 2015-03 Training Program Review Policy (PDF, 298KB)

EMALB 2016-08 Class Codes (PDF, 290KB)

EMALB 2016-09 Program Completion Certificates/Transcripts (PDF, 290KB)



EMALB 2011-01 Candidate Code of Conduct (PDF, 287KB)

EMALB 2012-02 Failure to Attend and Late Cancellation of Examinations (PDF, 286KB)

EMALB 2013-04 Special and Remote Sessions (PDF, 283KB)

EMALB 2015-05 Glucogel Administration to Unconscious Patients (PDF, 298KB)

EMALB 2018-03 Examination Order Requirements (PDF, 200KB)

EMALB 2016-01 Examinations General (PDF, 300KB)

EMALB 2016-02 Examinations Written (PDF, 308KB)

EMALB 2016-03 Examinations Practical (PDF, 382KB)

EMALB 2016-04 Examinations Jurisprudence (PDF, 299KB)

EMALB 2016-07 Adult CPR Chest Compressions (PDF, 290KB)

EMALB 2016-15 EMA First Responder Licensing Examinations – Roles for Proctors and Examiners (PDF 487KB)

EMALB 2016-20 Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) Administration (PDF, 292KB)

EMALB 2018-01 EMR Examination Challenge Requirements (PDF, 293KB)


EMALB 2013-01 Minimum Age Requirement (PDF, 282KB)

EMALB 2015-02 Out-of-Province and Out-of-Country Applicants (PDF, 524KB)

EMALB 2016-05  EMA FR Initial Renewal and Reinstatement Licensing Requirements (PDF, 334KB)

EMALB 2016-06 Licence Reinstatement (PDF, 297KB)

EMALB 2017-04 Revoked Licence - Reapplication (PDF, 104KB)

EMALB 2016-12 Out of Province Re-Application (PDF, 292KB)

EMALB 2016-13 Removing a Licence Suspension (PDF, 301KB)

EMALB 2016-16 EMA's Duty to Report (PDF, 414KB)

EMALB 2017-03 Emergency Childbirth (PDF, 315KB)

EMALB 2018-02 Licence Endorsements (PDF, 298KB)

EMALB 2019-01 Medical Assistance in Dying MAiD (PDF, 173KB)

Continuing Competence

EMALB 2017-01 Continuing Competence Requirements (PDF, 454KB)


EMALB 2016-17 Authorization of Representative in EMA Complaints Process (PDF, 279KB)