Licensing Board/Branch Policies

The Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board approves policy within its legal authority under the Emergency Health Services Act and Emergency Medical Assistants Regulation.

Important Notice: Criminal Record Check Feedback Period

On July 16, 2019, the Emergency Medical Assistant Licensing Board (EMALB) notified Emergency Medical Assistants (EMAs) and their employers of an upcoming policy change.  Effective September 1, 2019 for initial and reinstatement licenses, and October 1, 2019 for license renewals, all EMAs will be required to complete a criminal record check.

Since then, the EMALB has received feedback from several stakeholders expressing concerns about the policy.

In order to provide a greater opportunity to receive and consider this and other potential stakeholder feedback, the EMALB has placed on hold implementation of this policy while it undertakes a 90 day feedback period ending November 24th, 2019. For further context, a draft policy has also been posted.

Following the conclusion of the feedback period, the EMALB will consider the full range of feedback received and make a final decision on the implementation of the policy.

Written feedback may be sent to (Subject Line: CRC Consultation) or by mail to:

EMA Licensing Branch

Attention: Amanda Saville – CRC Consultation

PO BOX 9625 Stn Prov Govt

Victoria BC  V8W 9P1



EMALB 2014-12 IV Start Requirement (PDF, 300KB)

EMALB 2015-03 Training Program Review Policy (PDF, 298KB)

EMALB 2016-08 Class Codes (PDF, 290KB)

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EMALB 2011-01 Candidate Code of Conduct (PDF, 287KB)

EMALB 2012-02 Failure to Attend and Late Cancellation of Examinations (PDF, 286KB)

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EMALB 2015-05 Glucogel Administration to Unconscious Patients (PDF, 298KB)

EMALB 2018-03 Examination Order Requirements (PDF, 200KB)

EMALB 2016-01 Examinations General (PDF, 300KB)

EMALB 2016-02 Examinations Written (PDF, 308KB)

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EMALB 2016-04 Examinations Jurisprudence (PDF, 299KB)

EMALB 2016-07 Adult CPR Chest Compressions (PDF, 290KB)

EMALB 2016-15 EMA First Responder Licensing Examinations – Roles for Proctors and Examiners (PDF 487KB)

EMALB 2016-20 Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) Administration (PDF, 292KB)

EMALB 2018-01 EMR Examination Challenge Requirements (PDF, 293KB)


EMALB 2013-01 Minimum Age Requirement (PDF, 282KB)

EMALB 2015-02 Out-of-Province and Out-of-Country Applicants (PDF, 524KB)

EMALB 2016-05  EMA FR Initial Renewal and Reinstatement Licensing Requirements (PDF, 334KB)

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EMALB 2016-12 Out of Province Re-Application (PDF, 292KB)

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EMALB 2016-16 EMA's Duty to Report (PDF, 414KB)

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EMALB 2019-01 Medical Assistance in Dying MAiD (PDF, 173KB)

EMALB 2019-03 Procoagulants (PDF, 153KB)

EMALB 2019-04 Downgrading a Licence to EMA FR (PDF, 186)

Continuing Competence

EMALB 2017-01 Continuing Competence Requirements (PDF, 454KB)


EMALB 2016-17 Authorization of Representative in EMA Complaints Process (PDF, 279KB)