Licence Renewals

Emergency medical responder, primary care paramedic, advanced care paramedic, infant transport team and critical care paramedic licences are valid for five years. First responder licences are valid for three years. If your licence has expired, you are no longer licensed to practice in British Columbia, please see the Licence Applications page for information on licence reinstatements. This applies to all categories of licence. To renew your licence, follow the steps below for your licence level.

Paramedic Licence Renewals

Your licence expiry date is located on the front of your licence. In addition, the Emergency Medical Assistants Continuing Competence System displays a countdown to licence expiry each time you log into the system.

You will receive a reminder email three months before your licence expires. The reminder email will be sent to the email address you provided to the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch. If you have not provided a current email address to the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch, you will not receive the reminder.

Please send all your licence renewal documents to the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch at least two weeks before the expiry date of your licence. This will allow time for processing, issuing and mailing of your licence.

To renew your licence, follow these steps:

  • Complete and electronically submit an Application for EMA Licence form.
  • Pay the applicable $50 licence renewal fee. If you work for the BC Ambulance Service, your fee will be invoiced to the BC Emergency Health Services Corporation  if the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch receives your application form before your licence expires. (BC Ambulance Service employees can complete the application for licence form by using the pay later option at the bottom of the application for licence form).

How to Pay your Licence Fees

Licence Fees can be paid using the following methods:

  • Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, or American Express,
  • Cheque or money order made payable to the Minister of Finance, including your full name, licence level and current mailing address.

Regular mail to:
EMA Licensing Branch
Ministry of Health
PO Box 9625 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9P1

Or courier to:
EMA Licensing Branch
Ministry of Health
1515 Blanshard Street,1st Floor
Victoria BC V8W 3C8

  • Cash, in person at the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Branch only (do not mail cash).

First Responder Licence Renewals

First responder licences are valid for three years. Please see the First Responder Licence Renewal FAQ for more information.

  1. Successfully complete the EMA Licensing Board online EMA FR written exam. A licensee has 3 attempts at the written exam, if he/she is unsuccessful after the third attempt, the candidate must complete the EMA FR initial licensing process in order to qualify for licence renewal.
  2. Complete and electronically submit an Application for Licence Form.

Applying for an Online Examination

1. How to obtain a BCeID

  • Click on the link and register for a Basic BCeID. Please use only lowercase characters in your BCeID username. (If you already have a BCeID and password you may skip this step.)

2. Scheduling your exam

Once you have obtained your BCeID, you need to Request Access to the exam. First login using your BCeID, and second will need to create an account for the system. To create an account, please fill out the account form on the right hand side of the screen and submit. A request for access will then be emailed to the branch for review and to you for your records.

The exam coordinator will review your information and grant you access to the exam within two weeks of the request.

Licence Extensions

If you are unable to complete the relicensing requirements prior to your licence expiring, you may apply for a 60 day extension of your licence if

  • Special circumstances exist, and
  • You make a request before licence expires.

To request an extension, submit the Request for Extension form (PDF, 280KB) to