Health Care Partners

Last updated on August 2, 2017

Ensuring that everyone receives appropriate health-care services isn't as easy as you might think. From government officials and agencies to regulatory bodies; health-care service providers to the vendors whose products and services support the delivery of health care, the following individuals and organizations all work towards this common goal.

The Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health supports and funds the activities of all regional health authorities, including all public health programs and services in British Columbia.

The mission of the Ministry of Health is “to guide and enhance the province’s health services in order to ensure British Columbians are supported in their efforts to maintain and improve their health.”

Health Authorities

The Ministry of Health works together with a provincial health authority, five regional health authorities, and a First Nations health authority to provide high quality, appropriate and timely health services to British Columbians.


Using input from patients, families and caregivers, government aims to provide effective health services, which focus on the needs of patients.

Health Insurance BC

On behalf of the B.C. government, Health Insurance BC administers medical coverage through the Medical Services Plan and drug coverage through the PharmaCare and Fair PharmaCare programs.

Office of the Provincial Health Officer

The provincial health officer is the senior health officer for British Columbia, providing independent advice to the Minister of Health and the public on public health issues and population health.

Each year, the provincial health officer must report publicly - through the Minister of Health - to the legislature, about the health of the population.

Colleges, Boards and Commissions

Colleges, boards or commissions established by statute or regulation provide professional regulation and oversight.


The ministry is committed to fair, open and competitive procurement of goods and services. The vendor complaint review process is an integral part of this commitment.